December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

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Hellon darlings!
So today is the last day of this year. I must say, 2011 sounds very strange; but I am hoping it will be a good year, both for me and my blog and of course to you guys!
This is a apropiate New Year's Eve outfit, I made all the items awhile ago in my highschool days and I redescovered them along with those vintage gloves. I feel so glam in this outfit, black and red is my favorite color combo.
I wish you a Happy New Year and hope I'll see you again in 2011! ^^

Wearing: everything is self made except for the vintage gloves and Amanda shoes. The earrings are from Meli Melo.

December 29, 2010

There's color everywhere







I felt like a candy when I saw myself in this outfit! I mean...look at all those colors. The shades of violet and turquoise both on the scarf and the sweater match so well, I just love it.
Aaaand...this is my new pair of pants I made recently. They're somekind of suede leather, I love the fabric's softness and color!
I can't believe Christmas is over and to think there are a few days left of this year, I just feel that I need to do a lot of things before the year ends. Therefore I will go tomorrow on a little trip. I need to see a new place.

Wearing: vintage sweater, thrift scarf, no name Tee, Amanda shoes, self-made pants

Have you made your New Year's resolutions (which you'll probably won't keep) yet?

December 26, 2010

Christmas Joy

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I just wanted to share these with all of you because they're apropiate with this time and so magical.
Hope you're all having a Happy Christmas filled with joy!

What did Santa bring you? I'm curious.

Photos via Tumblr, last photo made by me.

December 24, 2010

Christmas Magic









It's Christmas Eve and I am excited!! I want this time to pass really slow so I can enjoy these moments over and over again; spending time with firends and family, making preparations for Christmas has something magical within..and I adore the feeling. I remember when I was a little girl waiting for Santa Claus to bring me gifts and trying to figure out how in the world did he manage to fullfill everyones wishes in one night. Oh, the memories..

Remember how I said I had a little surprise? Well, I am wearing it! I made the pants in the last few days spent in Bucharest out of that precious emerald velvet which I love! That is definitely my favorite shade of green and I bought it immediately. I really love how it plays with the light and how they turned out! They are really fit for Christmas.
(Oh, and I had a coat, don't worry the weather is not that warm)
And doesn't that necklace work so perfectly in every way with that sweater? Mom has some really nice things forgotten in her closet.

In case I don't see you soon, I wish you a very Merry Christmas filled with joy and kindness amongst your loved ones!

Wearing: vintage sweater, bag and necklace, self made pants, Amanda shoes, no name Tee.

December 21, 2010

Red and Black

december fun

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Greeting darlings! How is your week? Mine is quite good, I started the week with lots of walks in the snow, buying all the little things thast I am sure I won't wear that often, and drink a lot of hot drinks!
About the outfit; well, I just love this color combo, it's both classic and refined, each color points out the other and they just get along perfectly. My Punky Dog sweater is my favorite of all. It has attitude and it's different from what you see in stores these days.
Three more days until Christmas; can't believe it!

Wearing: thrift thights, For You coat, Terranova hat, Outlet sweater, Leonardo boots

december fun8

December 19, 2010

A chocolate in the snow

Greetings from the coldest city in Romania! I'm probably exaggerating, but still.. snow crunches under your feet and your fingers end up frozen in a few minutes. But all in all it's quiet here and I like it.
I found this coat burried in my closet here and I remember how I used to love it, and now I have rejoiced with it. I find it's color so delicious and reminds me of chocolate. Speaking of which, today I ate lots of gingerbread with chocolate on top. Yum!
Oh and I got the brooch from my grandmother the other day. I love it!
Have a lovely week darlings, I know I will :D

Wearing: No name coat, Jennyfer pants, Leonardo boots, thrift scarf and bag, Terranova hat,no name gloves

December 17, 2010

Winter Fantasy

So, I arrived back in my hometown this evening and I am dazzled by the huge snow here. It's so amazing and in the same time amazingly cold! I wanted to share these beautiful photos before starting to make some outfit posts, because I am in a "I- love-snow-so-much" mode. (This also started, the minute it begun snowing in Bucharest one day ago)

Have a lovely weekend dearies, I am off to bed and from tomorrow I'll start decorating for Christmas! Only 7 more days to go! :D

Photos via Tumblr

December 14, 2010


Ok, I had to add some color! I find this pair of teal pants a perfect fit for that loose Bershka sweater, and allthough they are quite old I am still in love with their color.
Nothing much to share, rather that I am working some stuff for myself which you'll see soon, and thinking about Christmas ^^ 
Have a nice week!

Wearing: Bershka sweater, no name turtleneck, Terranova pants, Leonardo boots, vintage beads and brooches