February 7, 2016

Off the shoulder sweater

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 I don't know about you, but I love it when I see any piece of clothing that shows off the shoulders, no matter if it's a dress, a top or a sweater. So imagine my joy when I found this sweater at a ridiculous price of $5 in an outlet shop back in January! 
No, the weather was not all that warm, but I couldn't wait any longer to take some photos with it. It feels so warm and looks so feminine, you can wear it like I do, or with the collar on the side or even to the back, showing off some skin, it's so versatile. 
I just love a design that can be worn in many different ways and when it matches so many other items in different styles, don't you?

 Have a warm Sunday guys!

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Wearing: Pull&Bear sweater, gifted skirt, Mohito boots, no name bag.

January 31, 2016

A warmer ending

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 Hope you're having a great weekend! 
Mine was filled with sunshine and cakes! Mom and I overdone ourselves this time, we just couldn't decide which ones to buy, so if you see me fatter soon, don't be surprised, ha ha! 
Oh, no, I won't let that happen, but if I showed you how those desserts looked like, you wouldn't resist either. 
So, my advice for having a good day: stay in the sun and if it's cloudy, eat some delicious cakes, it works!

January 29, 2016

Colorful in a grey season


 Boy, I hate this transition season that happens every November and February. I mean..with no snow, there is just this grey looking city, humid, dirty, cloudy and sad. I at least hope for some sun, but no, that rarely happens during this time of the year.
 So, I refuse to wear grey or black clothes and I love to spice things up a bit by wearing some bold contrasts. It really lightens my mood, have you ever tried it? Trust me, it works!
 And how great it is that Friday is finally here! I'm up for a relaxing weekend, I'm going to read some of the books from my infinite long list and spend time with my folks, just all I need right now.

Happy weekend everyone and wear happy colors!


Wearing: Zara coat, necklace and skirt, Pull&Bear sweater, Mohito boots, Terranova beret.