November 24, 2015

Autumn's end


 This past weekend has been rainy and really gloomy, which was disappointing since I really wanted to test out my new camera outdoors - one I am still learning to use - so, the weather turned on me right when I arrived downtown. A cold rain was waiting for me, I was all elegant and I just had my hair done and I was also carrying a heavy camera in my bag; it was all peaches and cream. A failed weekend from this point of view.
Anyway, we managed to test it Monday morning while I was still sleeping in my heels, but at least I had my results, and I am quite pleased. I wished we had more time to explore more options, but I am just getting impatient here, there is plenty of time in fact.
On other news, I saw the final "Hunger Games" film, it was exciting, a bit scary in some parts, a bit predictable and a bit hollow. I loved the action - mind you, I didn't read the books - but I disliked the ending, it just didn't feel right, it didn't convinced me at all, and I hate that, I hate it when an ending isn't satisfactory. But I made a cake that day and at least that was satisfactory.

 The weather is turning cold but I hope you'll have a sunny, positive week! I am tempting myself to try baking some macarons this week. Fingers crossed!

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Wearing: shirt from HERE, vintage skirt, belt, earrings, Penti stockings, bag

November 16, 2015

If it's Autumn, then I'm wearing purple


 There is this classic feeling I get each Autumn that makes me want to wear purple clothing and violet lipsticks - such as this one I am wearing here, I got it from Nyx in the shade "Transylvania" ( I thought it was appropiate, since I acually live in Transylvania!) 
 Paired with dark greens or teal, or even burnt yellow tones, there are so many possibilites, this color is really suited for this season, it looks bitter-sweet and it leaves me craving for red wine! 
Speaking of Autumn, I fear it's almost gone. All the beautiful leaves are on the ground and the trees look sad, the cold is kicking in and I feel (as almost all years) that I didn't manage to enjoy a sunny Autumn as much as I wanted to.
 But oh well...time flies and we're looking forward for Black Friday sales now, aren't we? Did you made your shopping list?

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Wearing: H&M sweater, Stradivarius vest, Zara pants, H&M hat, MiniPrix boots.


November 8, 2015

Grey layers

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 How's the weekend going? We are having quite a grey one, it's foggy and cloudy and I seem to dress accordingly without intention though. I recently got this woolen vest because I thought it had such a nice design and it also keep me very warm, despite the cold outside. You can create all sorts of outfits, it's quite versatile. You can wear it with mini skirts, pencil skirts, jeans, culottes, flare pants, sweaters or shirts, it's so fun! Of course, I thought that my new necklace from Happiness Boutique would fit perfectly in this outfit, wouldn't you say?

 Got to go now guys, I have errands to do, on a Sunday, yes.. 

 Have a happy Sunday!

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Wearing: Stradivarius vest and stockings, Bershka boots, Zara cardigan and skirt, necklace from HERE