November 27, 2010

A bit of nature

Yesterday night I arrived in Cluj, one of my beloved cities here, and it was snowing! Though it didn't last, it was still quite freezing outside. I managed to take these photos, before heading out to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Have you seen it? I grew up with the books and films, so naturally I felt a little sad...I imagine I will be really heart-broken when I see the final part!
I shall be taking walks, drinking lots of delicious tea and take more photos- my camera died this time, sorry.
Enjoy the rest of the week-end darlings! I will surely do.

Wearing: Wool thighs and sweater both vintage, Takko jacket, Moa boots, hat bought from a fair.


  1. great outfit! i love the mix of colors and those wool tights rock!

  2. lovely cosy and warm outfit! and its colors are lovely as well!

  3. Stelista:D

    Cluj, ce frumos...Daca mai punem la socoteala si Harry Potterul, deja e perfect:P Cum a fost filmul?

  4. Really? OMG, multumesc mult. O sa ma duc la New Yorker maine sa vad palaria.
    Cred ca sunt singura persoana de pe planeta care nu este fana Harry Potter asa ca nu m-am uitat la filme, nici n-am citit cartile . Enjoy your stay in Cluj and have lots of fun.
    P.S. Si in Bucuresti s-a facut frig acum, ploua, bleah.

  5. Am uitat sa mentionez, ador jacheta si esarfa ta, culoarea este superba ♥

  6. Hope you enjoyed the film! I'm not a fan but is ok ;) Like your red pants!!


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