November 16, 2010

One Tee, two looks

How to create different styles with one T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

I have said before how much I like to wear the same clothing piece in different ways. Here I wanted to show you how. I took an ordinary T-shirt (which belonged to my dad) and paired it with black accessories - which are of course elegant -  and a black leather jacket and heels. I like to call this "glam casual". You can also try this with blazers or any other classy jacket.

Next, I went out for a more comfortable look, so I took once again a men's thrifted shirt, to create a bit of hippie or baggy look, anyhow, I like the way it looks so loose. And of course sneakers. The more colorful, the better. And I changed the accessories because I don't need to be elegant, so playful colored beads are very welcome.

I painted the shoes, because I wanted to have something colorful and original. Aren't they cute?

Hope this was useful to you! 

Wearing: Jean Charles de Castelbajac men's Tee, Next jeans, Amanda shoes, Takko jacket, thrifted shirt, Jack Skellington bag.


  1. Felicitari,super tare post ! :x
    Si tenisii sunt ataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat de draguti :) cu ce fel de vopsea i-ai pictat ?

  2. I like most the "glam casual" look:D

  3. Mersi ca mi-ai spus :) Eu mi-am tot pictat pantofii si hainele cu vopsele speciale pt. textile dar sunt cam greu de intins si daca adaug apa se pierde din intensitatea culorii. O sa incerc cu acrilice de acum.

    Da...pacat de FashionWeek. Eu inca sustin ideea si dupa ce am citit interviul cu organizatorul de pe site-ul oficial , chiar sper ca data viitoare sa iasa totul bine ... meritam sa avem un fashion week ca lumea !

  4. Such creativity with those sneakers! Love the black heels and leather jacket

  5. Lovely looks, both inspirational;)!

  6. I love both looks and those shoes are so cute, you did an amazing job with them. The pictures are great, props for those jumps!:)

  7. uha.. chiar faina ideea postului cu double look. Abia acu imi dau si eu seama ce ai facut in ziua aia ^^
    vrem mai multeee poze cu tine in aer:D

    superba ca intotdeauna.awegu

  8. Gorgeous t-shirt and I LOVE your painted shoes. :)SarahD

  9. love these photos and both the looks! I alway swoon over your hair and spirit :-) I love the photo of your jumping in particular :-)

    xoxo Haleigh @ Bardot in Blue

  10. Wow! Wow! Wow! You very beautiful, i like it dear)))

  11. love this post, and your blog as a matter of fact. Following you now, :)
    P.S. Excellent hair
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  12. I just love the second look, with the plaid shirt and colorful sneakers. Can't believe you painted them yourself, very unique, I was just about to ask you were did you get them.


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