December 24, 2010

Christmas Magic









It's Christmas Eve and I am excited!! I want this time to pass really slow so I can enjoy these moments over and over again; spending time with firends and family, making preparations for Christmas has something magical within..and I adore the feeling. I remember when I was a little girl waiting for Santa Claus to bring me gifts and trying to figure out how in the world did he manage to fullfill everyones wishes in one night. Oh, the memories..

Remember how I said I had a little surprise? Well, I am wearing it! I made the pants in the last few days spent in Bucharest out of that precious emerald velvet which I love! That is definitely my favorite shade of green and I bought it immediately. I really love how it plays with the light and how they turned out! They are really fit for Christmas.
(Oh, and I had a coat, don't worry the weather is not that warm)
And doesn't that necklace work so perfectly in every way with that sweater? Mom has some really nice things forgotten in her closet.

In case I don't see you soon, I wish you a very Merry Christmas filled with joy and kindness amongst your loved ones!

Wearing: vintage sweater, bag and necklace, self made pants, Amanda shoes, no name Tee.


Daisy said...

Thanks for your commment! I love those pants! They're great! Have a very Merry Christmas!


My Republic of Fashion said...

Oh My God!! Those trousers are simply stunning! I really do love this outfit. Have a fantastic Christmas. :)SarahD

Charleston said...

the way your red hair zings and clashes with the popping green and white is just magical! x

guccilily said...

Your hair is stunning, and id throw those pants on in a second! Gimi!


Juli said...

you look soooo nice =)

Marella said...

Love the green pants!

UP WORLD by KC said...

loving all what you wear :)
come and visit me here and you can follow me if you like,or follow eachother? :)

merry christmaaaaaaaass x

DeVero said...

I love this look of yours! Those pants are so gorge! You are a true fashion creator! Lovely!

Clara said...

Merry Christmas!

Anna said...

I love the pants! have a very merry christmas!

Andreea said...

Imi faci in ciuda acuma, nu?:)) Sti ca-mi place parul, sti ca-mi place catifeaua, si le mai pui si in culorile alea, rosu cu verde ca sa fie contrastul mai puternic.Gata, nu mai ma joc cu tine:D
Ok, gluma gluma dar...imi plac pantalonii aia de moooooooooooor! Culoarea e superba, unde mai pui ca e si catifea...Si lantul mamei tale e foarte frumos:X

Craciun fericit:*:*:*

Faboulista said...

Craciun fericit!
hope u have a wonderful time.
btw your pants are magical. i was so wishing they were from a mainstream store so i could go get some. usually i dont like velvet but lately i think i'm having a change of heart. and seeing u in yours is definly making me love it even more.

Eliza said...

fantasticiiiiiii pantalonii, verdele e ireal de frumos. si puloverul crem e frumos de tot *-* olivica e o divaaa 8) pup verde pe nas :D

Boheme.Fille said...

Arati adorabil! Pantalonii sunt extraordinari!
Craciun fericit! said...

Hi grogeous your green velvet pants are unreal! Merry Christmas to you too!

Ana said...

I love love love the pants:)


Claudia said...

beautiful photos!!!!!!!
Marry Christmas!

sbot said...

Thats the best xmas outfit i have ever seen!! thanks for your post on my blog. Ill be following yours now : )


Flashes of Style said...

Oh you look so christmasy! Hope you have a lovely day <3333

Laura Tenshi said...

Those pants were made by you? Fantastic, really beautiful and just perfect. I love your cardigan too, very feminine.
Merry Christmas !!!

Emilie said...

niiiiiice pants!!! This look is so amazing, wow!!
You have incredible style wow!! :)


duckalicious said...

these pants are pure awesomeness! actually, the whole look is pretty damn awesome.

SimuĊĦa said...

such amazing outfit!

Gabriela Ciobanu said...

these trousers look awesome!!!

nookie said...

great job!
they're awesome:x

Alice in vintageland said...

I’m crazy about velvet – I can never have enough velvet clothes. The pants are superb – the shape and the color – OMG, you’re very crafty! Love everything about this outfit!:)