January 16, 2011

Just another day..

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Indeed it's just another day. Nothing much to say except that I have been spending most of my Saturnday working on some stuff of my own, modifying blouses and pants. I'll do posts with them when I'll feel a little more warmth here.
I shot these photos Friday at college, which was quite a wasted day. I have helped a firend of mine with some sewing and playing around with my camera. I think I'll make tomorrow a very lazy Sunday. I wish something exciting will come up these days.
Hope you're having a good weekend!

Wearing: No name skirt, Terranova blouse, vintage cardigan and belt, Milano boots.


  1. Foarte, foarte draguta tinuta ♥ Fustita e asa draguuuta !

  2. beautiful colors,nice combination!love it

  3. love your hair color and boooties! :)
    stop by sometime, xx natalie

  4. You look stunning!Love your skirt and want to like same like this=D

  5. i love the blue and coral color contrast. great outfit! =)


  6. Don't we all. Life can be quite boring some days. Imi place combinatia de culori, topul si cureaua arata foarte bine impreuna si fusta e superba.
    Ar fi grozav sa putem calatori in Japonia. Eu insa nu mi-as dori sa fiu chiar o Harajuku girl, stilul lor e putin cam excentric pana si pt mine :)) As vizita districtul insa cu cea mai mare placere pt a-i admira pe ei.

  7. simple and thats what makes this outfit great

  8. WOW.. great outfit.. love the colours.
    The belt is gorgeous
    lee x

  9. Love the cardigan and the color combination.

  10. stunning as always beauty!!! Always so lovely stopping by the wonder fashion :-) xoxo Haleigh @ Making Magique

  11. those boots ... i love... le-am vazut si in ultimul post but nu am avut timp sa comentez atunci sa iti zic cat de mult imi plac.
    btw unde sunt facute pozele alea din postul acela? in cluj sau buc? nu am vazut pana acuma o cladire asa in buc si imi place la nebunie.

  12. I'm a fan of your style - so playful and colorful! Love the boots and the mixed blue and pink. kisses:)

  13. You are really so pretty and your style is so whimsical! Your hair is so bold but you pull it off so well :)


  14. The boots + the skirt = ♥♥♥

    About Kornell: I think I will post more pics.. he does change his colours quite often, and this time I surprised him having these gorgeous orange spots, that were so bright. Hihi, I never thought of him as an inspiration for prints but you're right. How awesome would that be??

    I've been to Paris 2 years ago, but only for 3 days. Maybe I'll post some pics on the blog.
    I still go to concerts, but not that often. How much are the tickets for Bon Jovi?


  15. I adore your boots! The skirt is very cute too:D


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