February 12, 2011


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This long forgotten place is just right across my apartment, I can see it from my wondow, and I thought, why not go there for once and explore it? So, these photos came out and I love them! The feeling of decadence coming from those piers or whatever they are, intrigued me and so did that perspective. I don't know why but I have a passion for abandoned places. Plus, I felt rock again.
Those leather pants were actually long but I succeeded in ripping them right under the knee so the only solution was to cut them and making them short. Now I love them like this.
I have a few days off before my next exam and I will enjoy them as much as I can.

Have a great weekend!

Wearing: Kara leather pants, Zara cardigan, vintage shirt and bag, Leonardo boots, Mondex thights.

P.S. I have been featured on This is my suit.com, a great street fashion site based in Romania, check it out, it's great!


  1. Amazing look dear! You look stunning! <3

  2. Wonderful photos. Love all of them. It seems such a fantastic place to be the background of your post.
    Loving the whole outfit.
    Have a superb weekend.

  3. you look so pretty! great outfit!

  4. as i'm new to your blog let me first say that i love your hair, and i love your header! now that that is out of the way, i'm loving the leather pants/shorts you're wearing and congrats on the feature : )

  5. Great outfit! The leather shorts look so good like this. Plus, I love the shirt and the bag.

    And indeed, an amazing location you found, really great for pictures. Oh, and congrats for the feature on ThisisMySuit :D.


  6. If i had a location like that, i would shoot all of my photos there. Looks pretty awesome to me. And so do you with your leather pants again.I'm tellin' ya, leather pants WERE MADE FOR YOU:p


  7. Great pictures :) I love the patterns and colours!

    The Flower Girl


  8. I really love your leather pants. But i don`t know where I can find a Kara store in my town...

  9. Wow, that location is amazing. Good thing you decided to explore the area. It really pays off to be a future designer, you made leather shorts out of something that seemed ruined.
    Congratulations on the feature.

  10. beautiful, i love the bag


  11. great location and I'm loving your outfit, it blends perfectly with the background:x

  12. Oh I love your sweater! It looks so cozy and comfy <33

    xx Bonnie

  13. Nice blog!!!!!!!! We follow your blog and we would appreciate it if you follow us back :D

    Thank you

  14. You look hot, hot,hot and I'm loving the location. I'm crazy about your pants and the rest of the outfit is awesome too!:)

  15. I love the colour of your hair and the shoes!

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