February 16, 2011

NY Favorites

Sorry guys, no outfit post today, I am stuck in studies... tomorrow is my final exam and I am free!
For now I leave you with my favorite collections so far from New York Fashion Week.
Starting with Rodarte:





Continuing with Marc by Marc Jacobs, oh, the colors!!

marc by marc jacobs2

marc ny marc jacobs

marc by marc jacobs7

And Vena Cava..
vena cava3

vena cava2

vena cava

As you might know, I am not a totally fan of glamour, I like casual and fun looks, I prefer color to black, and eccentricity to minimalism. I love flare pants, sheer fabrics, midi or maxi skirts and the idea of "youth", and this is what I am searching on the catwalks , plus some funky , surprising new ideas.

Can't wait for more shows!


  1. You already know my favourite is the Marc Jacobs collection so..yeah.Drooling over here :-<
    Good luck with your last exam! Fingers crossed:D


  2. Good luck with your exam tomorrow. Fingers crossed for you.
    I like Rodarte, but adore Marc jacobs.
    Looking forward to your great marks and new outfit post,Oliviana. Is that right?

  3. rodarte really did that? so different than their usual aesthetics, i love them so much!

    yeah i'm a fashion student! hahahah i'm interested in what projects you do so keep em up! heehee ive no time to update my own i'm tooo busyyyyy TT_TT more or less i upload on my portfolio page but youre very much welcome to add me in yr link - i did alr!

  4. lov love love the Rodarte collection

  5. wow these are some lovely collections. good luck with exam.

  6. The Rodarte Collection is stunning... I really love the textures- it is eccentric yet feminine.

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog.. I am pleased to know that you enjoy it. Good luck with your exams!! :D

    xoxo Claudia
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  7. Wow it's so amazing that we've got so original people just like you. I really admire you becaouse you're true

  8. i also love eccentricity versus minimalism and colour over black but i also love glamour and over the top. sequins, flash, jewels, gold, anything that sparkles and catches the light is what i dream about.

  9. These were some of my favorite collections. The Rodarte collection had me swooning, I love all of the silhouettes and soft colors!

  10. The last dress from the Rodarte collection is magnificent. The print, the fabric, the length, all perfect.
    And I love the colors from the Marc Jacobs collection. You know me, just like you, I am a color junkie.
    Good luck with your exams, I'll be crossing my fingers for you.

  11. gorgeous outfits! i j'adore both collections. i really like the way that one model has her hair pulled off to the side-i love wearing my hair that way! =)


  12. I've already said that I think but can't help it really - Rodarte was epic this fashion season!


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