June 2, 2011

Between bricks and leaves












These were taken in my last day in Cluj, I have arrived this morning in Bucharest where one last course awaits me, and I am tired so I will probably fall asleep there.
On to the outfit: aren't those shoes the most cute and delicious you've ever seen? For me they are! I loved the print and the heel, but mind you, I painted the heel in that ceruleum blue, because well, they were a bit boring without it. Paired them with my mom's vintage skirt and a simple top and that's it!
Allright, guys, stay tuned because a few fashionable events will approach me, I am so excited!

Wearing: vintage skirt, Bershka top, Benvenuti shoes, Meli Melo accessories


BeautifulM. said...

I love your shoes!

Living_in_aShoe said...

your outfit is so beautiful! I love your skirt!

modniza said...

fab shoes! frumoasa ca intodeauna! te imbratisez!

kittenhood said...

haha, you went to the park now when they're "redecorating" it :)
I love this combo on you and the shoes are absolutely gorgeous! I wouldn't have thought of painting the heel, but they look awesome both before and after!

Diana said...

ohhh those shoes and Cluj again = LOVE !!! :)


ada90 said...

great shoes:)

Iulia Romana said...

hello there :* E GENIAL OUTFITUL ! Imi place tot la el.

Si, cum ti s-a parut za city ? Ti-ai gasit ceva hainute ? :D

MM said...

Great pictures! Love the vintage skirt and the sandals! xoxoxo

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

those shoes are so pretty and i love the pink skirt :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Andreea♥ said...

Cute shoes! Kisses

Ana said...

LOVE the skirt and shoes!


lovemins said...

i dont know where i should start to compliment you! loooove the shoes, your hair! the city - wow!!! the atmosphere on the photos? amazing! keep it up :)
xoxo, Saskia

Veronica said...

My God! You are so beautiful!!
Nice post:)
I look forward to your advice and opinions on my blog!

Olivia said...

So colourful!! And what a gorgeous scenery!


Angelica said...

OMG those shoes are simply gorgeous!! I really love the heel and the pattern and that skirt is a perfect match for them :D

Danielle said...

I am not a blogger but I do get inspired from other bloggs, and you are truly one of them! Great outfit :D

Anaivilo said...

Thank you so much for the words dear ones! :D

Beatrice Balaj said...

Great photos! Love your hair :)


Alma said...

E pur si simplu supeeeerb!!! Iti vine extraordinar de bine tinuta asta!

Candice said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!:D

Giuli said...

LOOOVE your outfit! That skirt is gorgeous!!



freesia said...

Fantastic shoes! And the skirt from your mom is so lovely!!!! great look!

Alicia said...

i really life the little bow on the shoes. it makes it look sailory and therewith combines two very very cute styles. I like em :)
Alicia im Wunderland

Alina F. said...

Gorgeous pictures!And I absolutely love the outfit!xoxo

AURA said...

Shoes ,shoes I love it !!!!