June 19, 2011

Bits and pieces from the Ab Fab event

Once again at the Absolutely Fabulous Fashion and Vintage Fair where I met my fellow fashion blogger friends and we had a great time and I was once again amazed by the beauty of the location.

12 8

12 2
Here is Sandra's beautiful satchel
12 3
And Eve's romantic outfit

12 6
Also there was a little, or not so little contest, three girls were randomly chosen to style an outfit and of course one of the girls got to keep the outfit! Isn't that cool? Here are the outfits. Which one you like best?

12 5
And the winner is Sandra! Lucky girl, congrats to her! Indeed she chose a beautiful outfit and that necklace is simply breathtaking!
12 9

12 7
This is what I wore at the event. God, look how small I am without my heels in comparison to the other girls. It feels so weird, ha ha. Next time I won't be leaving my heels home.
Back to study now. Have a great Sunday!

Wearing: MiniPrix dress and vintage shoes.


  1. You are too beautiful to worry about your height. I love you in your flat shoes and pretty dress.
    I love the pearly dress in the first pic.
    I hope all goes well with your exams.

  2. Lovely dress! You look so pretty! Kisses

  3. Wee, the pics came out so pretty :D. Thanks for sending them, I think I'll be using some for the next post, hope you don't mind :)

    Loved your dress!
    Hugss si spor la invatat,

  4. Daca si tu esti small, inseamna ca eu intru la categoria strumf:))

  5. ai fost superba! mi-a placut mult! te imbratisez cu drag!

  6. I also want a blue satchel but I cant find any :( x


  7. Esti superba in rochita! Mersi pentru pozele pe care le-ai pus de la eveniment!


  8. Lovee that blue bag!! <33



  9. Haha. Don't think you look that small amidst all the other girls. I think you look lovely!
    Eve's romantic outfit is brill! Love the colours and delicate lace blouse. Gorgeous.

  10. :)) Next time I know for sure I am leaving my heels home. I don't want to be in pain just to gain some extra inches in the group pictures.
    You look really cute in flats btw, there's no need to wear heels all the time.
    Love the print of your skirt and the sunnies.

  11. You girls are the cutest! How I love your Mini Prix dress..I've looked for it after seeing it on your blog, but I didn't had no luck finding it...and you are not short!

  12. You looked very pretty. And wearing that dress with flats was a very stylish choice.

  13. I love that dress on you! And I must say I also love the middle outfit from all of those.

  14. Thanks for the comments dear ones!! :D


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