June 29, 2011

Little Black Dress





Ok, so these are the LBD looks I did for a exam at university, along with other small projects; I figured it was nice to share with you and see what you think. Which one do you think it suits me best? I know for sure you won't ever see me in a office look too soon (hopefully never).
Oh and the exam went very well ^^
One more to go and I am free!


elanor, said...

my favorites are the charlie chaplin look and the funky-casual look! so great!
congrats on almost being finished with your exams!

Oana Alexandra Stroici said...

hm, serios, deci asa zici Suceava si tu? Concetatene sa inteleg; Da ,asa e, cam nasol acasa dar avand in vedere ca vreo 5 veri le-am petrecut departe de casa, cred ca pt mine o sa fie o aventura interesanta :))
Frumoasa rochita neagra.

Federica F. said...

Love all, great outfits :)

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Steffys Pros and Cons said...

love charley chaplin :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

kittenhood said...

my fav is the charlie chaplin one :X

Andreea said...

Congrats about the exam:*
The first 2 are my favorites but i think the second one suits you better:D Or is it the first?:-?Hmmm, that opened back makes it a difficult choice:))

Alice in vintageland said...

:))) My fav is the second look and I think the third is also very much your style. Kisses:)

AMINTA said...

I love the Chaplin look!! anyways you look gorgeous in all of them.
You know I had your hair color for the past 3 weeks but Im back to my orange... I missed it :)

Kisses dear

rasta222 said...

I like your style)

meelusha said...

eu as spune ca the funky stuff e cel mai bun look :) are acel pic de sexy care nu e in "chaplin" si parca putin sexiness trebuie tot timpul! imi place si mie f mult sa style up sau down acceasi rochita, it's all in the accesories, baby!


Anna Bonfiglio said...


The yellow ball

Xoxo ☺ said...

Great looks, I like the second and last one! xo

Laura Tenshi said...

I like the Charlie Chaplin look the best.

Lidiya said...

Such gorgeous photos and lovely outfits!! You have such beautiful hair, I adore the color! :) xoxo

Aura said...

That looks absolutely great! My favourites are the elegants and the office looks. In some pictures you are wearing the dress backwards? That looks absolutely great!


anna said...

definitely charlie suits you most :P

nookie said...

10 for sure, right?
hmm gotta say that funky-casual:)

Roberta said...

amazing pics!! amazing outfit!! ;)

on my blog.." the colours of the sky"

Abi said...

Yay! for homestretch on the exam. All the best with the last one.

I love the Charlie Chaplin look the most. The hat, bag and brogues sold me ;)

Georgina said...

Amazing looks! I really love the first one and the Chaplin look, it suits you great!:D

!♥ m i m i said...

Cool outfits! Creative pairing (: Oh and I love your hair colour.

HoneyBunny said...

I love the second look!

Oh my Dior! said...

lovely outfits and the best accessory is your red hair!! love it!!


Kat said...

i love all these combinations for that dress!!! all are gorgeous looks!!! :)


Mom Fashion World said...

I'm happy to discover your blog!
I like your style. You got beautiful outfits!

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Irina said...

you look so beautiful in this dress, love all the looks! charlie chaplin look is most interesting!

The Hearabouts said...

Hm, didn't get around to commenting this post.

You look beautiful and classy in the first images, but the second look is really cute and fun. Very good styling, I must say.

About your question.. yes, there are some good places to visit in Sinaia. It's surprising that you haven't been there yet, considering how popular it is. I've been there many many times, because it's not that far from Ploiesti, so the novelty kind of wore off. However, I'm sure you'd find it interesting, as a first-time visitor :D


AB FAB Team said...

beautiful outfit!! we <3 you!