August 19, 2011

Rock in the City

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Yesterday I went to a little festival that is happening here where young rock bands are performing and also a few Romanian more known bands, speaking of which, tomorrow will be performing my favorite so maybe I can snap some photos. Of course I dressed according to the "occasion" so to say, I took out the adolescent in me and wore all black and studs and I felt great! The only thing that was missing was a pair of Gothic leather boots but,'s summer!
I wish my cousin was still here with me, but she has returned to Portugal (how I wished I could jump into a suitcase and board on that plane!) You can see her in the last photo, I will miss her dearly.

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Wearing: Zara T-shirt, Takko shorts, Mei shoes, vintage bag.

P.S. I have to say that among all the things I bought at Zara, that T-shirt is the worst! I had to put back all those studs twice, because they kept on falling off! They still do.


  1. Oh you look amazing! Love that T-shirt even tough you said it's difficult. Great outfit and your hair is fantastic! :D

  2. Gorgeous! I love the rock t shirt and I'm sorry that you had to put back all the studs

  3. si mie ce dor imi e deja de tine si de toate! de-as fi putut ramane macar inca o saptamana, of. dar o sa vin la tineee si tu o sa vii la mineee si o sa fim iar marmote fericite :D ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. Love it!I must say...your hair and your skin are flawless!!!

  5. Rock'n'roll! Iti sta bine in all black..arata fain tricoul, too bad you had problems with it :( ! Have fun @ the festival! We're waiting for band pics :)


  6. fantastic photos :) Shame about the top, usually zara is really good quality!

  7. Love the pics, you look gorgeous dear! xo -Taj

  8. Why do you keep wearing flats? High heeled shoes fit you so well :p

  9. Aaaamazing hair! !

  10. Love this look, the top is fantastic :D

  11. Thanks for the comments darlings!:D Means a lot.

  12. You both look hot! Loving the rock&roll vibes!:)

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  14. your hair looks great in that photo with the strong sunlight behind:)!

  15. Nice posts, and love your photos on blog, really creative!
    Bookmarked! Maybe follow too?

  16. great blog!!!


  17. So cute blog :) I would be very happy if you will visit mine
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  18. I'm going to be going to a concert next week and am thinking of what I should wear. Your concert outfit looks great although it sucks that the studs keep falling off your shirt. I'm loving your red hair, it's such a pretty color and that pic of you behind the sunlight is gorgeous!! Love the blog, I'm following, hope you can stop by mine soon :)


  19. I like your style and blog. I'm following it!
    Have a nice day!

  20. si eu am tricoul cu tinte si am renuntat sa le mai lipesc. pur si simplu e munca in zadar :( plus ca s-a si rupt. unul dintre cele mai proaste achizitii ever.


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