September 5, 2012

Across the country


I arrived yesterday morning in Cluj, I was so tired all day, I barely managed to take these photos. These past few days were chaotic. I went to Bucharest where I stayed for 24 hours, I had to finish some matters with my University and I was running all around the building for 4 hours or so, waiting for signatures, arguing with stupid secretaries..But I am glad it's all taken care off. A few hours later I had to catch the night train and here I am. I haven't really got the chance to talk to anybody I know back there and it kinda hurt to finally leave my apartment and knowing I will never return there anymore.. 
On more material subjects: I have recently received the skirt from a friend who got it from her cousin, neither of them were of a fan of it, but I don't think I'll let it go; it's leather and it's great, I love it! I will be staying here about a week or so..I have some business here, and right now I just want to sit in the amazing beautiful cafes instead of working...but that will pass, hopefully soon and I will be able to enjoy once more this amazing city!
 Catch you soon! 





Wearing: no name skirt and shoes, Dahlia dress, vintage brooch and earrings, H&M rose bracelet


  1. amazing outfit! hope you get to experience the amazing city!

  2. What an amazing gift! How do I get so lucky? LOVE the detailing and the cut. You will wear that almost every day. So versatile.

    BTW... I bet you had to argue with all of those secretaries because you were so much better dressed and they were jealous. Just guessing but I bet I am right.

  3. I love the skirt - it's the perfcet mini leather skirt, I would have never let it go, looks amazing on you.I'm sad you're not in Bucharest anymore and I know how hard it is to move on, but I'm sure better things are yet to come for you!:)

  4. lovely. you are amazing my dear :)

  5. Oh, the skirt is looovely..and so IN for the new season :P. It looks perfect on you!

    We'll miss you around here, but I know you will be happy in Cluj!


  6. Ooo, e super draguta fusta si iti super bine cu ea.
    Ce pacat ca ai plecat din Bucuresti.
    Ma gandeam ca poate o sa te cunosc intr-o zi, dar acum nu prea mai sunt sanse :(
    Oricum, good luck!:)

  7. The skirt is absolutely amazing, it's just perfect and I love how you styled it :)

    Have fun in Cluj and good luck with everything since you're moving there. It's a great city, I love it :)


  8. You look great in that skirt! I love the nude top :D

  9. Vai cat de draguta e tinuta! Si fusta e absolut superba! :*:*

  10. You look beautiful with this outfit, I love your hair, it's amazing.
    I follow u, i love your blog :)

    A big kiss

  11. lovely outfit! your leather skirt is gorgeous!


  12. Imi place fusta la nebunie!! Arati supercrushy <3
    Cat mai stai pe la Cluj? Poate ne facem timp de o cafeluta :* pupici


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