November 21, 2012

Campari Red

I found the first photo while surfing around the web, immediately catching my eye so naturally I had to discover its origin. When I found out that there are eleven more such stunning photos featuring Penelope Cruz, one of my favorite actresses, specially made for the new Campari calendar, I engulfed them and made me thirsty - not only for Campari - but for the fashion..and the amount of passionate red! Here, Penelope defies various superstitions, do you believe in them?campari january 

 January - Black Cats: In western history, black cats have often been looked upon as a symbol of evil omens, specifically suspected of being related to witches. Most of western and southern Europe considers the black cat as a symbol of bad luck, especially if one crosses paths with a person, which is believed to be an omen of misfortune. Penelope Cruz for the Campari Calendar 2013 

 February - 13 Being Unlucky: The fear of the number 13 is so pervasive that it is officially known as triskaidekaphobia. There are many thoughts as to why this belief is held including: Witches’ covens traditionally having 13 members and an old legend which says that the first person to get up from a table containing 13 people will die within the year. campari march 

 March - Opening An Umbrella Indoors: One theory as to why opening an umbrella indoors brings bad luck borrows from the idea of an umbrella as a protector against the storms of life. If you open one in your home, the household guardian spirits might think you felt their protection was insufficient and they would leave, cursing your household as they go. campari april 

 April - Broken Mirror Is Worth Seven Years Of Bad Luck: One's reflection in a mirror has traditionally been thought to be the representation of his or her soul, or spiritual state. Breaking the mirror, and therefore the person's reflection, would bring damage to their soul and spiritual hardship. campari may 

 May - Sweeping Someone’s Feet: It was thought that a woman who couldn’t sweep a floor properly wouldn’t be a good wife and would never get married. If you swept your own feet, or someone else does it to you, it meant you were not concentrating or paying attention to what you/others are doing and are therefore not suited for marriage. Penelope Cruz for the Campari Calendar 2013

June - Hats On Beds: It was believed that evil spirits lived in the hair and that by placing your hat on the bed you would transfer the evil spirits from hair, to hat and then to the bed, thus allowing the evil spirits to get you at night.
  Penelope Cruz for the Campari Calendar 2013 

 July - Bird Flying Into One’s House: Historically, when unusual incidents happened it was viewed as an urgent message falling directly from the lips of the Gods and usually a bad sign. Strange behavior of animals was subsequently a cause for concern and wild birds that tried to get inside houses were believed to signify death.
  campari august 

August - Don’t Spill The Salt!: To spill salt was seen as an extraordinary waste as it was such a high value commodity, and the word ‘salary’ actually comes from the Roman tradition of paying soldiers in salt. The superstition claims bad luck will visit anyone who spills salt, and was invented specifically to deter people from wasting it. campari september 

September - Step On A Crack: Historically there have been various permutations of this well know superstition: “Step on a crack, break your mother's back” or “Step on a crack and you'll be abducted by bears”, as well as the belief that the number of cracks you step on will correspond to the number of dishes you'll break that day. campari october 

October - Picture Falling Off The Wall: Traditionally, if a picture of someone specific and/or of significance falls off the wall, it was thought that someone you know will die soon. Penelope Cruz for the Campari Calendar 2013 

 November - Horseshoes: To hang the horse shoe with the ends pointing upwards has long since been considered good luck as it acts as a storage container of sorts for any good luck that happens to be floating by. However, to hang it with the ends pointing downwards is viewed as bad luck as all the good luck will fall out.
  campari december 

 December - Walking Under A Ladder: One origin of this superstition is in relation to the similarities between a ladder leaning against a wall and a gallows. Anything associated with a gallows is traditionally considered ill luck, so walking under one - or a ladder that looked like one - is not advisable.

Which is your favorite? 
Since I have a black cat, I would have to choose the first photo, black cats are so mysterious and fierce.

source: HERE and HERE


  1. wow! amazing tutorial! love the dress with the lace is just the perfect color...


  2. What a beautiful photo shoot. Penelope looks awesome in red. The picture with the cats is the most striking, I also love the one with the umbrellas.

  3. Amazingly beautiful!Love these pics!

  4. Am postat si eu despre asta, insa mi-am ales doar fotografiile preferate. Cel mai mult imi place rochia din fotografia cu tipul care "o matura". E superb lucrata! :)

  5. Great campaign! I'm a big fan of Penelope too. My favorite dress is the one from May <3

  6. The first one, with the cats, it's amazing no?

    I love it!<3

  7. I like September.
    I don't know why...

  8. This campaign is absolutely mesmerizing. Although I am not such a huge Penelope fan, I think she looks gorgeous in all of the pictures. Red really suits her and the gowns are breathtaking <3


  9. wow,amazing photoshoot!

  10. This editorial is beautiful!! I love the red!

  11. Toate combinaţiile arată superb, iar nuanţa respectivă de roşu este pur şi simplu perfectă.

  12. I looove the first photo and the one with the mirror! Gorgeous!! :D

  13. Love these pics <3

    Would you like following each other via bloglovin/fb?

  14. totally amazing. I really cant pick one, too gorgeous, too perfect!

  15. I adore all these photos and it's fun to find out the story behind each one. I did not know the one about hats on the bed!

    Also, Penelope is so gorgeous that I'm never sure if I should be jealous of her for being married to Javier Bardem or the other way around ;)


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