November 29, 2012

Gala Avanpremiere - 11th edition


I was invited at the Avanpremiere Gala on the 27th and only today, after I got back in Cluj this morning, I  finally caught a moment to post the photos. It's been a busy few days, meeting people and just enjoying good times.
This year, the Gala took place at Bell'Agio Casa, I was excited to meet all the girls there and well.. it was a fun night. But due to the fact that my seat was not in the best angle, I missed the first collection, so I couldn't take any photos..but I will show you the official ones I received via e-mail.


The first collection was presented by CARMEN CHERECHES, a graduate student at the same University I am in now, it is called "Lost dreams" and it investigates the mysteries of the imaginative world in relation to our real world where we actually live in.
I personally loved the structures and the details.
saa1 saa Untitled-1

STEFAN MUSCA - "Silence II", a continuation to his first collection called "Silence I", a modern collection dominated by black.
saa2 sa32

The collection emphasizes the inner turmoil repressed in the surreal, just like the the raven a mysterious, dark and yet elegant bird. There was as always leather, this time gold and black, embracing the silky soft dresses like an armor, the effect is very nice indeed.

avap3 avap4 avap8 avap9 avap7

Another graduate student from Cluj, currently living in Spain, presents this couture collection, entirely made by hand and entirely in a passionate red color which in her vision is a symbol of immortality. It is the color of blood and passion, the color of fire and sacrifice.

avap11 avap10 avap13 avap12 avap15 1 avap16

SIMONA SEMEN - "Geometry of Soul"
The designer is in search of the inner balance. Its spiritual origin lies in Tibet, she "borrowed" those elements and juxtaposed them with plane forms and volumes of our modern days inspired from the urban jungle that we live in. I admit not all pieces were favorites of mine..

avap14 avap41 avap17 avap19 avap15

IRIS SERBAN - "Elements"
As always she graces us with opulence, with feminine, romantic shapes mixed with masculine elements, such as belts, pants, the harness that engulfs the sophisticated laces. Beautiful, almost too beautiful.. I personally love the 4th and the 7th piece.

avap20 avap21 avap22 avap23 avap24 avap25 avap26 avap27 avap28 avap29

NATALIA VASILIEV - "Dreams of Florence"
If last season Natalia impressed me with that royal collection, this time I felt that she pushed it too far, I mean, looking at some pieces I have that feeling of" too much is.. too much" ( I am referring to those dresses with lace and golden draping) But there where two dresses which stirred up the crowed, those with the '50s silhouette and with the lase-cut patterns in minty green and a delicate pastel-blue..I would die for such a dress!

avap33 avap34 avap31 avap32 avap35 avap37 avap36

What do you think?


Here I am reunited with Evelina and Laura


With Sandra and Alice
And below with Mihaela.

I was wearing: self-made skirt, thrifted shirt, Meli Melo necklace, random brand shoes


  1. your shirt is so pretty! must be good seeing the girls again :)
    I see some pretty good outfits on the runway, I'm impressed!

  2. Te-am vazut acolo! Era ciudat sa va cunosc pe toate, parca ma asteptam sa ma cunoasteti si voi pe mine! :) Fusta e foarte frumoasa!

  3. What an honor! Your outfit was simply lovely. Adorable!

  4. Great pics! And I love your outfit:)

  5. The collections are amazing! I love the last one most! :D

  6. hiya dear
    your outfit is very cute ,I loved your style. I'll be happy if you check out my blog too=)

  7. I love every single outfit on this post!

  8. I was missing you, my dear friend. Glad to see the rest of the girls looking glorious too.
    Have a fabulous weekend!!!

  9. spectaculoase tinutele, colectiile!
    mi-a placut mult tinuta ta: delicata si feminina :)

  10. imi place mult stilul tau!!!
    bafta in continuare!!


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