May 27, 2012

H&M Showroom

 I told you I'll bring news about the 2012 Fall collection of H&M. I was fascinated by the glitter and the jewelery, for sure all the necklaces and the earrings will be mine, the silhouette is modern and sharp, there were some pieces beautifully handcrafted with beads and sequins, oversized cardigans, elegant peplum tops, straight skirts, magical prints. As for the fabrics, we will see a lot of mohair, leather, boucle, metallic insertions, velvet, jersey, silk, and the colors.. oh..burgundy, purple, dark green, dark blue, gold, soft pink, mustard..perfect for a colored autumn!
Take a look for yourselves.


hmq5  hmq12



This cardigan is simply delicious!





 Perfect necklace and those earrings are calling my name!


Small part of the delicious buffet!





With DianaTofan, (left) H&M Showroom Manager and the bloggers.

May 26, 2012

Before the Storm


Yesterday I had the occasion to visit the H&M showroom and take a glance at the Fall collection which will hit stores in..way too many months from now - I will probably dream about it day and night until then. So this is what I wore, I wanted to show you my outfit first. We took the photos when the sun was still in the sky but soon after that the clouds gathered and thank God, as soon as I got home it started pouring.. in a hardcore fashion.
Stay tuned for the next post with photos from the showroom!





Wearing: Tina R top, Next jeans, New Look wedges, Meli Melo black bracelet and the rest are no name, vintage earrings and no name bag, from Portugal

May 24, 2012

Fabulous Fashion Event


Dear wonderful people, remember last time I went at the Avanpremiere Gala? I was invited again at the event, the major fashion event in Bucharest which everybody is waiting for with excitement. This time eight designers, old and new, presented their Fall 2012 collections to the audience and I have to say I wasn't too impressed except for a bright new name and two others, you will see. 

Let's start with Ioana Ciolacu with her collection called "Aether". Black and white, wide silhouettes and interesting volumes, a collection as she put it, is an ode brought to the northern lands, hence the slightly sharp cuts.
 ava 2dsd ava 2sda ava 2sa ava 2asa 

 "RAW" by Anca & Silvia Negulescu didn't impress me too much, to be honest their Spring 2012 collection was much more interesting in my taste. But I have to say, the leather is wonderfully worked and the long dresses are quite appealing. 

ava5 ava6 ava3 ava0 ava2 

 This is Simona Semen's collection for Fall, the new face I was talking about, with a collection with a powerful meaning and a strong concept. The accessories are provided by Ioana Liliana Gheorghe; the contrast between the transparencies and the matte fabrics is well balanced and the Gothic silhouettes take us into a deep lonely story. The monachal concept is surrounding the idea of finding your inner spirituality.

 ava semen5 ava semen3 ava semen4 ava semen ava semen 6 ava semen2 ava semen 7 

 Lucian Pop - "Maya" Another surprise regarding men's fashion, this is a modern collection with beautiful colors, amazing bags and accessories, taken it's influence from the Maya civilization

 ava w2 ava w15 ava w9 ava w3  

Carmen Secareanu - "New Age College" I am not a fan of her, and her collections don't inspire me and it's hard to explain her vision, her aesthetic doesn't resonate with me, but I liked the jewellery this time

 ava carmen5 ava carmen ava carmen3 ava carmen2 

Natalia Vasiliev really dazzled me with her "Golden Party" collection, there were some particular pieces with solid architectural forms that really amazed me and the sophisticated fabrics..brocade and velvet, managed to create a royal, very feminine collection. She took her inspiration from the aristocracy of old Sankt Petersburg and the nocturnal mysteries of Paris and there it is:

 ava nat6 ava nat ava nat2 ava nat 3 ava nat4 ava nat5 ava nat7 
Iris Serban - "Spirits of Nature" - She has a signature style, which you can definitely see in every collection; she plays with the fabrics so beautifully and the lace applications and structures embody the pieces naturally, thus creating a interesting relation between the human and the nature.

ava iris5 ava iris3 ava iris2 ava iris nat iris6 ava iris8 

  Dinu Bodiciu - "Transient Bodies" Now this is a collection I didn't understand..some pieces were completely from another film, didn't had anything to do with the others and what was with those horns? Okay, to surprise the savage note from the concept of this collection but still..

 ava a3 ava a2 ava a1 ava a4 

It had its ups and downs (one main down was the heat and the poor buffet..) but I am looking forward for the next edition and maybe I will be surprised then too - in a good way.

Laura Cosoi

Catalin Josan

 And with the girls, Laura, Daria - who came from Cluj, and Eve.

  I was wearing: Self-made pants, H&M top, New Look nude shoes.