May 2, 2013

The Secret Garden


 I don't know how many of you have seen the film "The Secret Garden" or read the book, but ever since I saw it I became fascinated with everything that meant garden, I am talking about the spectacular ones in which you can get lost, especially those which resemble a labyrinth, with flowers and huge trees everywhere. This garden is not so secret, it's actually the city's Botanical Garden, but I like the feeling that it gives me, of content and it's so quiet and nice. 
This is where I spent my birthday (which was yesterday, and I thank you all for your kind wishes you left me on Facebook!) when all my plans ruined. It was a pleasant day nonetheless.
 I seriously need to go there more often and take photos or just read a book surrounded by the birds chitter.

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Wearing: Zara dress, vintage top, no name shoes, thrifted bag and belt, Melo Melo necklace


  1. amazing pictures, dear!! :)

  2. these pictures are beautiful! the botanical garden definitely has its secrets :)

  3. such a cute dress! xo

    Would love if you checked out my blog as well:

  4. Amazing pictures sweetie!!! It's truly a secret garden and a magical one! Great post!

    Kisses Deea,
    The Lovely Darlings

  5. Such wonderful pictures! OMG they are simply splendid! :D

  6. Superb au iesit fotografiile, draga mea, ce loc frumos!! Chiar pari in elementul tau printe plantele exotice, hihi

    Cu putina intarziere, iti doresc la multi ani frumosi si toate cele bune!!

    Te imbratisez cu drag!

  7. nice outfit! i really like your flats

  8. Ce frumos... Mi-e dor de Botanica de la Cluj...
    De cand vreau sa ajung si aici la Buc, dar n-ajung...
    Superb look!

  9. Lovely as usual! You look Beautiful!!!



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