July 3, 2013



As I told you in my last post, I went at our fashion department graduation gala, which was a success! I should've posted these pictures sooner but I've been in a complete chaos packing and moving from my apartment and finally, as I returned in my hometown I got a chance to look through the photos. It was hard to make a selection, I know it's tiresome to watch so many photos in a blog post, but I selected here the collections I found most interesting and innovative. Let me know what you think!

Untitled-1 Untitled-2

Daniel Oarcas- Jazz

Untitled-3 Untitled-4 unt3

Ligia Tarcea - Golden Age

Untitled-6 Untitled-7 untitled-5

Catalin Valean - Ecce Homo

Untitled-8 Untitled-9 Untitled-11 Untitled-10

Alina Morar - Cu cheia la gat (The key around the neck) - she was one of the most awarded students of the night, we shall soon see her at the Avanpremiere Gala in the fall.

Untitled-12 Untitled-13

Alexandra Tamas - Wood Stock

Untitled-17 Untitled-18

Inga Bragaru - The evolution of a brand

Untitled-22 Untitled-23 Untitled-24

Sandra Selescu - Interdependence

Untitled-20 Untitled-19 Untitled-21

Andreea Castrase - Identity


Andreea Szanto - Transgression 


Ancuta Sarca - Ghetto Superstar


Ana Maria Gal - Meltin' Pot


Ioana Davidoaia - eFEMMEr

Credits to Luciana Vulea for the last four photos!

Can't wait for next year's event! 


  1. Lovely collection, love the last picture of party wears the most!


  2. Love the men's collections! Brilliant designs;)

  3. It seems it was quite an interesting event.I don't mind seeing so many photos because like this I can make an opinion of the event. My favorite collection is the last one eFEMMEr.
    The Lovely Darlings

  4. Wonderful pictures! I love the colorful collections :D


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