July 22, 2013

My name is Candy


 I do sure feel like a candy whenever I dress up in certain shades of pink, or minty green, baby blue, lilac or pale yellow...
I want to talk about the skirt I am wearing here, it is from an older collection from H&M and I remembered how much I wanted to buy it back then but I never seemed to have the amount of money needed. As soon as my dreams of my affair with it were gone, so was the collection from all stores! Aaaaaaand, just a few days ago, as I was looking rather bored through the skirts section in a thrift shop I saw it there with the specific heavenly glow and instantly grabbed it and ran to the dressing room (my size!) and almost bouncing up and down to pay for it (and it was ridiculously cheap, I am not even going to say it)
 I am still wondering how this amazing, flawless skirt ended up in a thrift shop; why would anyone give it away?! (perhaps it was stolen?) In any case, it's my treasure now! 
The other day I found this wonderful pair of sunglasses, that reminded me of the Prada Baroque ones - which I love dearly - but these don't cost as much, naturally. I think I will be living in them for the rest of the Summer. 
 Oh and about the shoes, here's a funny story: I bought them like five years ago for my prom, but then I found another pair more suiting with the dress and I gave up on these...until now! I am telling you I never wore them (outside the house) in all these years and now I just love them! Funny how our perspectives change in time right?

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  Wearing: H&M skirt, Pinkie top, vintage black necklace and belt, Meli Melo rings and sunglasses, thrifted Primark bag, MiniPrix.ro old shoes.


  1. You look lovely! I simply love your attitude! And your skirt, of course! Kisses, http://justalifestyleblog.wordpress.com/

  2. See... you were just meant to be :D. I'm glad you found this skirt, it's so pretty!

    Love the sunnies and the sandals <3


  3. You're the luckiest girl I know when it comes to thrift shops, you always seem to be stumbling upon little treasure there. I imagine how you felt upon discovering this skirt. It is beautiful and so, so delicate <3 Love how you style it as well :)


  4. superbe culori! ador fustita :)


  5. Imi plac mult ochelarii! ;)

  6. My gosh, picture no 7...you look absolutely amazing! Something about the light, your look and that amazing shape of the top...pure perfection!

    Lovely outfit!



  7. wonderful look, honey!!!

    I would be happy to see your looks on www.Starpiq.com - a fashion community that I have created and need your support.

    many kisses,



  8. This is a fabulous outfit! I simply adore the colors and the skirt ! <3

  9. I really love the color combination of this outfit! The details on the skirt is unique!

    Google + / Twitter / Bloglovin

    with love, Cassandra xx

  10. I love your outfit sweetie!! in special fustier, e minunata :*

  11. I love your outfit sweetie!! in special fustier, e minunata :*

  12. fabulous look! I love every individual piece and how they all look together!

  13. Wow, sunt f frumoase sandalele, nu pot sa cred ca n-au vazut lumina zilei pana acum! Sa le porti cu drag!


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