August 23, 2013

I've got the blues..

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 I almost forgot I had this top in my closet, for some unknown reason it was somewhere in the back, maybe because I am chaotic or mother decides to randomly organize my wardrobe. Either way, I remember how much I loved it the day I got it and I love it even more now. 
I wore it with my flare jeans because it was rather chilly that day and, well, today is no better; cloudy, windy, awful..Autumn is marching in with high speed..

 Wearing: thrifted top, New Yorker jeans, H&M sandals, no name earrings, vintage purse.

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  1. Adorabil topul, tare mult imi place! :*

  2. Vai, ce top dragut ai! Iti sta foarte bine cu el, bineinteles, aceeasi fata ireprosabila, coafura, make-up, totul e la loc! :)

  3. awesome outfit, honey !
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  4. Awesome outfit! I adore the shoes and the top, adorable! :D

  5. vai, ce frumos! ador bluzita! si tot outfitul e absolut minunat!!!te pupp

  6. E păcat că ai uitat de bluză pentru că este superbă!

    Și poșeta mi se pare foarte chic!

  7. Ador pantalonii evazati, i-as imbraca cu orice ocazie, indiferent de stilul pe care trebuie sa il adopt.
    Topul este chiar dragut. Si mie mi se intampla sa mai uit de anumite hainute si sa le descopar dupa ceva timp aruncate prin vreun colt al dulapului. Dar revederea este mereu placuta.

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