December 2, 2013

Flowers in december


 Proudly wearing my new favorite necklace - couldn't be more colorful and sparkly, I know - paired with my fluffy angora sweater and beret, just a perfect start for this month! All that was missing was snow, although I am not really looking forward to it just yet..
 Everything fit together when we made these photos, it was quite late and cold and I was almost certain that it was already too late for a photo shooting, but when we saw this beautiful sunset light, it took no more second thoughts and about ten minutes and made the impossible happen! Too bad the sun went so fast and it was already so cold, we would've love to play a little more.
Okay.. now I need to find my courage and get to work..Listening to Nouvelle Vague and drinking mint tea seems the best option for me right now.

  snw1snw7 snw0 snw6 snw4 snw5 snw2

Wearing: thrifted sweater, bag and beret, necklace bought at a fair, selfmade skirt, Deichmann boots, H&M rings.

Photos by Ada Mocanu

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  1. Foarte frumoasa tinuta, iar colierul e minunat! Il ador!

  2. superb, esti a little french lady :)
    Imi plac inelel foarte mult si fustita facuta de tine, gentuta de asemenea este aparte.

    O zi buna :)

  3. Ce dragut arati... ca o bombonica! Ador puloverul si bereta, vreau si eu ceva asa pufos :)

  4. Stimata Wonder Fashion Lady, ieri te-am vazut in autobuz in acest outfit minunat si am zambit larg convinsa fiind ca il vad in avanpremiera si ca, in scurt timp, va fi si pe blog.
    Apropo, esti la fel de frumoasa si eleganta si in realitate, stand in picioare in autobuz...

    PS: Inutil sa precizez ca eram, inainte de a te vedea "face to face", o persoana care isi cauta inspiratia pe acest blog.

  5. Si mie mi s-a parut foarte frumos apusul, dar eu eram in casa la caldura :))
    Imi place foarte mult lantul, mai ales in combinatie cu bluza fluffy :3


  6. @Anonim - interesant unde ma pot intalni cu "fanii", in autobuz! Sunt flatata de cuvinte, multumesc frumos, cu toate ce te semnezi Anonim? Nu e ok sa stiu si eu cu cine pot vorbi? :)

  7. Beautiful outfits and light on this photos :)

  8. Beautiful outfit and light on these photos :) Best wishes from Poland!

  9. Lovely outfit!

  10. Oh the light and the beautiful!

  11. OMG, you're so fluffy, you look like a cute snowdrop. The light is superb!


  12. fff fain outfitul..imi place mult si colierul, foarte fin si de bun gust


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