April 15, 2014

Pijama shirt - part two

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 Dots again, not so tiny like the ones you saw in my previous post, but still, a lot of them, and this time they really stand out. I've had this shirt for a while and I just couldn't wait to wear it, the fabric's silkiness is just splendid! And the price I payed for it was simply outrageous - that is why we love outlets, right?
 I could've gone with heels, but I chose flats instead, I think they look cuter. And I had a lot to walk that day. And it seems I am very much in love with my denim jacket. Too bad the weather has turned and it's not warm enough to wear it anymore. Honestly, it feels like a sort of Autumn now.

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Wearing: Zara outlet blouse, thrifted skirt and belt, random brand bag, Zara jacket, shoes HERE


  1. That's such a lovely shirt! I am in love with dots print! Also, those flats look so cute, like a heart <3

  2. Dooooots! I love them! You look beautiful! I adore the shirt!




  3. I love the shirt, it looks so cute! And so are you, so casual and sweet :D Lovely outfit!

  4. Frumoasa tinuta!

    Iti sta foarte bine,iar camasa e superba! ;)

    :* :* Roxie T


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