June 6, 2014

Electric colors


 I missed wearing bright colors in broad day light! Now that Summer is willing to stay, it's time to wear my flowy maxi dresses (I think I have a obsession with them this season, I already bought 4 in the past weeks and this one is on its way too). 
If it looks like I just stepped out of the hair salon, well, that is true! It was about time to refresh my hair color and boy was I inspired to wear that dress, because it matches my hair perfectly! Also, I love the way my hair is styled, I never want to wash it again! I think, never in my life, has it been that straight. Ever. Well, that's what good styling products and a wonderful straightener can do for any type of hair.

 The weekend is almost here, so have a great one guys!

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Wearing: thrifted dress and belt, Zara shoes, H&M golden bracelet, gifted green bracelet, Calvin Klein sunglasses, Sheinside blazer. , vintage bag.

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  1. Wow! You thrift the dress?? What an amazing find, you give justice to the dress ♥ i love the whole look.


  2. OMG!!! Thrifted dress! <3
    Looks amazing on you!

  3. Your hair looks amazing indeed and I love the way it goes with that shade of blue! :D

  4. I am also in awe of the thrifted dress. Looks amazing!

  5. Oh my...that color is amazing on you!! :D


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