June 5, 2015

Finally Summer

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 I can't believe the first week of June is almost gone and I don't actually realise how did the first half of the year passed and what have I been doing during this time, to be honest. It seems sometimes that life is passing through us without enjoying it as we should. We, or at least I, have been constantly dreaming lately of the perfect version of everything, but it doesn't always happen that way and then I get bumped and think about something else. I should stop thinking altogether and just do stuff. 

Leaving aside the philosophy, here I am wearing the pants that scare away the men. It's a true fact, my own boyfriend told me at first that "the pants are interesting" and in less than a minute he said " they're weird" and finishing off with: " I don't like them at all!" - well, now that escalated quickly. And of course, it was amusing but I felt good no matter what, flare pants are always comfy and awesome to wear during hot Summer days. I really am sorry for the poor guys who are not able to wear such pants, they are missing out!

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Have a great weekend guys!

Wearing:  New Yorker flare pants, Vila top, H&M and Stradivarius bracelets, vintage belt.


  1. My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I invite you in my VIDEOBLOG".


    Greetings from Italy

  2. Oh boy, the pants are amazing! I love the top too, so romantic and feminine :D

  3. Love the hair and makeup!


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