August 2, 2015

Visiting Timisoara

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 I am back from a short but amazing trip to Timisoara! 
The reason we went there was for the HIM concert I told you about in my previous post. For me it was a dream come true, I remember falling in love with this band since I was 15 ,I guess, and I have been dreaming to see them live ever since. Ten years later, that finally happened. I don't know how to describe it the moment they came in on stage, it was surreal, super emotional and somehow, it felt as if the whole concert lasted only 20 minutes. 
It was exciting and euphoric as always, so when we had to leave the city the next day, I felt anxious and sad as if I was leaving behind half of my life. I am sure some of you get the feeling. 

 We shot this first set of photos in the Roses Park, where the concert took place, it was suuuch a lovely place, so romantic and dreamy, it felt like I wasn't in the city anymore. From there we walked around exploring the city and I fell in love with all the cozy narrow streets, all the green parks and huge vilas. The big streets and squares reminded me of certain parts of Bucharest, so I can say that Timisoara is a big city with grand old buildings and filled with so much history! Too bad certain parts of the city where in construction so we couldn't took photos there, but maybe there will be a next time. There were so many streets and places where I found myself saying "I would love to live here" and that surprised me. Too bad the city is so far away in the West, so it takes a lot of time to travel from there to...anywhere else in the country.

 I hope you love the photos and I trust you had a great weekend as much as I did! 

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