October 26, 2015

Sunny Monday

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 I do hope you are having a better day than I do, because for me, it's one of those hateful Mondays that make me feel like setting something up on fire and continously trying to cheer myself up with positive thoughts. 
I bet you all had this moment, after a very good and relaxing week-end, when you simply don't want to go to your job and just spend a century in your bed. 
 I dug up these photos that somehow were forgotten in my folders, they were taking a while back, while the weather was still warm and lovely (I still want to wear heels and not boots!) So now, even though it's still sunny outside, it's quite cold and yet pleasant, and I hope I can still be able to enjoy this day before the sun sets. 

I wish you all, at least, a great start of the week!

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Wearing: Zara jacket and necklace, no name bag, Asos shoes, dress from here


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