April 15, 2016

Welcome to Distrikt 42!

distrikt42 1 

 I love themed restaurants, wether they are vintage, aristocratic, gothic or rustic, I am there to check it out! So, when I heard about Distrikt 42, a rather new place in Bucharest, I had to see what it was like and of course how the food tasted - another thing about me: when I travel, I love to eat in new places and check out exotic dishes. The place is decorated in steampunk style, a style that is so in trend right now (there are already three steampunk pubs in Cluj already) so that really caught my attention.

 At a first glance you might think the place is quite small, but there are about four different salons each decorated differently one from another, and the decorations simply mesmerize you. Of course we took our time and took photos there and a waitress was kind enough to lend me the classic steampunk top hat even though I didn't ask for it, so thanks to her I was in the theme!

 I hope you like the photos and do check it out if you have the chance, the food is also great!

  distrikt42 2distrikt42 3 distrikt42 5 distrikt42 4 distrikt42 9 distrikt42 8 distrikt42 6 distrikt42 11 distrikt42 10 distrikt42 distrikt42 7 

If you want to check it out,  Distrikt 42 is located at Sf Dumitru 13, Bucharest

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Happy weekend guys!



  1. What a beautiful photos for a stunning location
    Thanks for sharing.
    I love your style and your blog.
    Visit mine if you want and check my last video http://www.welovefur.com/video/chic-fashion-fair-shanghai/
    many kisses

  2. Ce fain e localul. :)
    Sa ai un weekend frumos!
    Xoxo, Victoria


  3. Love it! The architecture is amazing, and your hat :)

    - Che


  4. Wow, the place is really cool! I love the decorations :D

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  6. When I saw the title I assusmed it had something to do with The Hunger Games, lol
    I also love finding new places and restaurant when travelling, and this one is so adorable.
    Love all the details xx



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