May 27, 2016

Casual Bohemian Girl

casual bohemian5

As casual as one can be, right? Actually the term "casual" is not even used in it's simple form anymore as far as I can tell. You have "smart-casual", then "casual-chic", or "active-casual", so the basic "casual" term is used for...a look composed of skinny jeans, a T-shirt and some flat shoes, or maybe some sneakers because those can be more comfortable?  Boy, I used to be this plain in highschool; back then you couldn't take me out of my Converse and my grunge T-shirts -  there was no femininity in me!
Fast-forward a few years later and here I am wearing what I like to call now a "casual" outfit. Nothing too fancy, a simple denim skirt, a pair of comfy, but colorful, flat shoes and a blouse that still has all that bohemian, romantic vibe I love - naturally, it had to be worn off shoulders, because I am obsessed with that.
 Tonight I'll be watching "Alice through the Looking Glass" - I caaaan't wait, I heard so many good things about this film and of course I'm all about Alice's charming adventures ever since I was a kid. 

What are your plans for the weekend?

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Wearing: no name blouse, thrifted skirt, Zara shoes, vintage earrings and bracelet.



  1. LOVE this boho look and obsessed with those shoes! Looking gorgeous xx

  2. Beautiful post my dear! I will be very glad if you will come to me! Kisses )) SUMMER LOVE SONG IN MY HEART

  3. I like your blog! I will subscribe!

  4. Gorgeous makeup! I love the blouse, so cool!


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