October 12, 2016

Looks for Autumn

romantic autumn

I am hoping you are all doing well and you are keeping yourselves warm wherever you are. 
Here it's currently raining and it's simply horrible, but at least we had good weather during this past weekend, which is why I was able to dress lightly in this chiffon dress which is actually more suited for Spring, but we can adjust right? It's all about styling. 
With a pair of ankle boots and a suede jacket, that is older than myself, and I think a neck scarf would've been nice too, you can't go wrong, right? This jacket almost did not make it in this photo shoot, because I thought I lost it last week, or rather it was stolen from me, but I managed to take it back without too much effort, thank goodness! 
Picture that you're traveling dead tired from one city to another by bus and you wake up even more dead tired at the destination without your favorite, 35 year old vintage jacket that belonged to your mother. I wanted to set everything on fire at that point, I was so angry and sad at the same time, but it took a few phone calls, two days and a whole lot of hysteria and I was reunited with my beloved jacket! You can imagine that I will treasure it even more after this experience.

romantic autumn2 romantic autumn5 romantic autumn7 romantic autumn6 romantic autumn4 romantic autumn3

Wearing: Dress from HERE, no name boots, vintage jacket, belt and earrings


  1. wow. so happy you got your jacket back! it looks perfect in this outfit! :)


  2. Such a pretty look! The dress goes so well with your hair! Glad to hear you managed to get your jacket back!
    x Emily

  3. You look so pretty in all looks, such lovely inspiration as always!


  4. love that red dress on you. Perfect Autumn styling.


  5. I love it!! Absolutely Perfect for Fall!
    Adi xx

  6. My favorite post of the day - hands down!! The dress, the colors...ALL OF IT!!!



  7. This dress is so beautiful, love how you have paired it with the boots and jacket.


  8. That color looks gorgeous on you! I couldn't pull that off if I tried, keep it up xo

    Jen | http://laxmilifestyle.com

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