October 31, 2016

The sweetest Halloween

halloween cupcakes10  
Happy Halloween guys! 

 I overdone it this year, as I am not very much into Halloween, it's not a traditional holiday in my country, but it started to grow on me, the pumpkin carvings, the candles and the costumes, it creates such an eerie atmosphere and cozy at the same time. Additionally, I wanted to make something sweet for this occasion, so I though a few themed cupcakes will be just the right thing! 
I got inspired from various recipes and photos around the web and I wish I had a fondant to create more funny or scary shapes to decorate the cupcakes, but I didn't have time to make one or order it online, but there is always next year!

 For a first run, I am quite pleased with these cupcakes, the dough was very easy to make, your typical flour, eggs, butter, sugar and with a twist of fresh savor given by the scraped orange peel. I also added a coat of icing, made from powder sugar and a spoon of lemon juice, just to balance out the heavy taste of sugar. Next, I added the chocolate frosting and the strawberry frosting for the brain looking like cupcakes - they were the sweetest! 
For the other decorations I used scraped biscuits, a red pigment to paint and marshmallows.

We decided to carve the pumpkin after I made the cupcakes, needless to say, there were gone in about 10 minutes, so that is why the pumpkin appears faceless in a few photos and two-faced in the others. 

Anyway, I hope you're having a great (and creepy) night and maybe you'll feel inspired with my cupcake ideas!

  halloween cupcakes8halloween cupcakes5 halloween cupcakes2 halloween cupcakes halloween cupcakes4 halloween cupcakes3 halloween cupcakes9 halloween cupcakes7

Bonus, here is a photo of my black cat, the "scariest" cat you'll ever see; she is currently in a zen, lazy mood, as always.


  1. You did an amazing job with these cupcakes! And omgosh your cat is too adorable!


  2. Nice post!! :) Happy Halloween to youx


  3. These are adorable! What a cute idea for the holiday, thanks for sharing!

    Heidi || Wishes & Reality

  4. Lovely ideas! They look so cute! :D

  5. Halloween is a fun holiday. Glad you enjoyed it! Those cupcakes are fun.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. These treats look delicious! Great ideas :)

    Love, Lindsey

  7. the Cupcakes Looks so lovely <3
    what a lovely post my dear
    simply love it!

    with love your AMELY ROSE

  8. I'm glad you had a fun time celebrating Halloween - it's a great excuse to do plenty of baking, DIY and dressing up, right? :) I adore the little RIP signs in your cupcakes!!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  9. Those cupcakes look super yummy, girlie; did you save me one!? Lol! I'm sure they tasted absolutely delicious! Thank so much for sharing and I hope you have the best weekend ahead!



  10. I think you did a great job with those cupcakes and the pumpkin! Adorable kitty!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  11. Love your spooky treats! The cupcake toppers are perfect and the brain cupcakes are on point!

    Chow Down USA

  12. It looks so cozy!! :)

    X Merel


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