December 1, 2016

8 TV shows I recommend watching

favorite tv shows

I don't think I ever said this before, but I am quite a fan of TV shows; I will never understand when people say that watching TV shows is a waste of time. I mean, sure, if you are a person who runs a country or you are a constant traveler with no TV or WiFi access, that is totally understandable.

It's fun and also relaxing. Watching an episode (or four) later you come home from work or while taking your breakfast can be the best thing in life for us ordinary mortals.

I am into dramas, comedies, fantasy and anime shows, but that is a different topic for a different time.

The on-going shows I am watching at the moment are Grey's Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory and New Girl. (Oh, and of course Game of Thrones, but this one is due in Summer, so I'll have to wait - it seems like forever)
A drama series which began quite interesting but after 12 seasons, it kind of starting to get ridiculous, but I am still sticking to it mostly out of loyalty. The other two are probably the best comedy series I watched since Friends - everybody knows about Friends, right?

I tried so many other shows, but the subject seemed too ridiculous or way too awkward and I just hate, no, wait, HATE, embarrassing ridiculous scenes where you just want to face palm yourself.

Here is a list of a series I watched recently (or currently watching) that really left a impression on me:

1. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life:

For all you Gilmore Girls fans out there, I am sure you binged on these 4 new episodes as if there's no tomorrow - just like I did.
I remember watching the series with my mom on TV while I was in highschool and because of that, the characters and the stories grew on me and the show has a special place in my heart, so naturally, I couldn't wait to see the new story after 9 years. I honestly thought it would be much more satisfying, at least when it comes to Rory's life, we are still left with a cliffhanger that really makes me crave to see more.

2. Westworld

Now this is a show that I thought I would definitely dislike, I remember thinking, after I watched the trailer "western meets sci-fi meets thriller" like what was this strange cocktail?  But I was encouraged to give it a try and to be honest, it really changed my narrow view. It's so much more and so dramatic and yet a bit creepy. Think how AI  can rule our world and you get the chills. What do you think about it?

3. Stranger things

Only 8 episodes and again, I was reluctant at first about this one because the idea of a monster from another dimension creeping out people was so outdated to me, but then I realized I never watched a live action series about this subject, only animated ones, and my opinion changed once more.
All I can say is that Winona Ryder makes a memorable role in this one. Can't wait for season 2!

4. Arrested Development

Now I am aware this is an old one and I honestly don't know why I did not try it before, but since I heard it has so many positive reviews, I really wanted to try it.
It starts our great, you get inside to experience the day to day life of a completely dysfunctional family, each character creates the most absurd and hilarious situations, so it's fun and nice but after more than 15 episodes it get a bit tiresome. I am now down to the last season and I am curious to see how it all ends.

past tv series 3

Oh there are so many I have watched during the years and I am sure that you may or may have not watched them, perhaps with the same level of excitement. I will keep it short:

1. Lost:  simple idea, a group of people castaway on a mysterious island where strange things occur, each episode ended with a cliffhanger which made you crave for more, it was addictive! Also, psychological, mysterious and captivating!

2. Sex and the City: this is a classic among ladies, I loooved it and I think it is the only show I can rewatch without getting bored. Their conversations are endlessly fascinating. And fabulous, to quote Samantha.

3. Gossip Girl:  think of this as Sex and the City but it involves teens with tons of privileges, by that I mean, money. It has drama, it has high end fashion, love and betrayal. It's a glimpse into the lifestyle of the wealthy and yet it shows that not all the money in the world can save you from a broken heart - Gosh, that sounds so good! #proudofmyself

4. How I met your mother: Buckle up, because the narrator keeps talking about how how meets his wife and the future mother of his children, but you won't meet her until the last season. You do get a glimpse of her from time to time along the series.
It's a romantic comedy, but it's cozy and lovely, the characters are so different one from another but yet you get to love them all because they are so unique and because they are a group of people who really support one another which is nice. Much like Friends really. The ending was a bit hard to digest, but I accept it even so. 

I'll stop now because I can turn this post into a 1000 page novel if I keep going, but here is a picture that sums up the feelings you get when one of your favorite series ends after you dedicated many, many years (or weeks) of your time to it:



  1. Awesome list. I used to hooked on POI (Person of Interest) and then the series finale happened this past summer and I was so sad because it was an incredible show. Big Bang Theory is one of my favorites well. Gossip Girl was so addictive when I watched as they were airing. I hate waiting for the next episode. Im so impatient lol I can't start new television series' because get hooked. I just binge watch every show for an entire week. Haha.


  2. Thank you so much my dear Anaivilo! I will take your recommendations as I am looking for a new show! Also two broke girls is really funny!
    Have a great start to the weekend!

  3. Sex and the City is my favorite ever, I loved it since the first day!

    My Vogue Style |

  4. Love this list! Gilmore Girls has to be my all time favorite.

  5. Yes - I felt exactly the same about Westworld. My boyfriend wanted to watch it and I was like....umm no? But then got really into it and am obsessed now!

    Haven't ever watched Gilmore Girls so gonna start on that as everyone is raving about it atm!

    katie xx


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