August 17, 2015

At Summer's end

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 I don't know about you, but here the weather has cooled down, alarmingly fast I might add. So here you see me in shorts and a tiny tank top, but ever since this morning, it started to feel chilly and the rainy clouds are throwing their gray light all over the city. I'm just glad I'm not in vacation at the beach during this time. 
I can only continue with my reading and enjoy my comfy bubble, here in my hometown. It's as if time does not affect me here, even though that is not true, but I feel less stressed about money, food, aging and life in general here. Maybe feeling this way is not entirely in the most... realistic way of living.

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  Wearing: Atmosphere shorts, H$M top, gifted earrings, vintage bag 


  1. Yup, the weather got a bit weird today in Bucharest also... I'm not much of a summer person, I don't like the heat, but I hate these sudden changes in weather... I came back form the seaside this morning, and it felt like autumn in Bucharest, all gloomy and dark. I immediately got a massive headache...:). Anyway... enough about that! You look effortlessly beautiful, and so comfortable in this outfit! I really like the delicacy and the light-feel of it!

    Many hugs!


  2. Such a beautiful post! Love the background as well!

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  3. esti tare draguta...imi plac combinatiile de culori pe care le abordezi...imi place ca nu faci "asorteuri"... mergi pe contraste iar asta e original...


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