February 3, 2018

Classic old tartan


 It's been a while (again), this is starting to become a habit, one that I do not like. Disappearing from the online world is not a necessity for me, it's rather happening because time is not enough for me to actually browse around the big old Internet. I barely have 6 hours to sleep, 20 minutes to eat, and about 5 seconds to breathe - an exaggeration, but you get the point. 
Adult life is not a pink dream. 

 Did you notice that tartan print is having a come back? Or maybe is it just me and it was in trend for many seasons and I just opened my eyes now. Anyway, I saw this skirt and my first thought was: "This actually does NOT look like a table cloth" - I usually get that idea in my head when I see tartan, checkered prints and such. 
I just loved the fabric and the colors and also the design - that front zipper really turns the skirt one step into the modern world. I did not mean to make that sound so dramatic though.

 Anyway, I am very late for work as it is, let me know your thoughts on this outfit, how would you wear a tartan print item?
  reds1 reds reds2 reds4 reds3 reds5

Wearing: Zara sweater and coat, Stradivarius bag,  skirt and bracelets, H&M boots

December 24, 2017

The perfect Christmas gift!

xmas3 full  

Only last week I got this ah-maaazing gift bag from Estee Lauder and I can honestly say that I have been using these products non stop ever since!
 I was so excited for this gift set, mainly because it contains 8 full sized products, which are 2 lipsticks, 2 eye shadow palettes, their best selling mascara, Sumptuous Extreme, a blush and highlight palette, the amazing Advanced Night Repair serum and the Gentle Eye makeup remover and as a little bonus, a mini Revitalizing Supreme + anti ageing face cream; and of course, that gorgeous burgundy bag! And all for something like $90 ! Considering that only their Double Wear foundation costs $40, you can imagine how much all these products would cost individually! So it was kind of a bargain for me and I knew this set had to be my Christmas present for myself!
  xmas4xmas4 3  
The pigmentation of those eyeshadows is quite good and they last 10 hours without creasing or fading away (I've tested them!) one palette contains blue shades and the other one is a bit more warm toned and has purple shades, both matte and shimmer. The lipsticks are also lovely to wear, they are not long lasting matte lipsticks, their formula is quite creamy and moisturizing, but the colors are gorgeous! And what is Christmas without a red lipstick, am I right?
  xmas4 5xmas4 8 xmas4 4 xmas4 6 xmas4 7

 I, of course, love their luxurious packaging, all gold and shiny, simple and clean.

It makes a great gift set, I mean, how could anyone say no to a free gorgeous bag and loads of makeup products?

As an ending note, I will wish you all a very Merry Christmas and maybe, a luxurious one!

November 18, 2017

For the love of burgundy


 Can you believe Autumn is almost at it's end and soon Christmas will knock on our doors? It's no secret that I am already feeling festive and that I have a plan on how to decorate this year's Christmas so, I can't wait to start on it!
 It really feels like November outside, the weather is really gloomy, so this is our last chance to color it up a bit, even if it is in darker colors! My favorite colors for Autumn are definitely burgundy and navy blue, I feel they are the perfect match, don't you? It's no use to stay gloomy on the inside too, so there is nothing that some color and a cup of hot chocolate can cure, am I right?

  burgundy4burgundy3 burgundy2 1 burgundy6 burgundy5 burgundy7  
Wearing: vintage skirt, C&A sweater and hat, vintage belt and earrings, Benvenuti boots.