October 4, 2015

Wild roses

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See this skirt? Obviously, you do, but take a closer look. It's the same design and cut as many other skirts you see around the blogosphere and I actually have another one in my wardrobe, but in a different print. So, I really am a sucker for floral prints like these, I could collect dozens of such skirts and couldn't get enough!
I got this one from CNDirect (these websites can have the weirdest names, I tell you that) another one of those not-so-popular websites that sell really cheap, but great clothes! You just have to look carefully and you can find some really great items.
I really am pleased with this, it can be casual and also quite elegant, I only wished it had more volume, but I think a tulle crinoline underneath will do the work!

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 Wearing: skirt from HERE, borrowed top, Stradivarius necklace, Asos shoes, bag from here


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