December 8, 2016

Memories from Vienna, Prague and Budapest


Hello guys! I am back from a short vacation across Central Europe and I am so excited to finally share my experiences and photos!
 It took a while to make a selection, it's just difficult to decide which picture is better or if one is more important than the other. 
But anyway, as soon as December kicked off, we embarked on a trip and went straight to Vienna for a day, just in time for the Christmas markets! The atmosphere was not as cozy as expected mainly because a very strong and cold wind was blowing our heads off, so we couldn't enjoy the fairs at the fullest. I really wanted to visit the Belvedere Museum and see Gustav Klimt's paintings - I really love his works and to see "The Kiss" in real life was a little dream of mine. There is no comparison, it's so different from what you see on paper or photos, because it literally shines and there are so many hidden details in it, it's just magical!
I left that place in awe, not just because of the paintings, but because the whole palace is mesmerizing.

vienna4 vienna3 vienna6 vienna vienna2

I loved the Christmas decorations, they were so pretty and also expensive, but I left Vienna with a silk scarf and a beautiful mug, both illustrating Klimt's paintings - I'm such a tourist, I know!

Next stop was Prague and oh, how much I fell in love with this city! We barely explored about 30% of the old town, we managed to visit the castle and spent some time around the main square where the Christmas fair was happening.

Prague is a medieval city, is it's so different from Vienna which is more grand and austere.
It's simply charming, with all its tiny streets and extremely old buildings; the downside is that it's constantly so filled with tourists that you can barely manage to get from point A to point B. It gets exhausting after a while, so because of the crowds, we could's get a glimpse of Prague from the clock tower, but at least we spent some time on Charles bridge and gaze upon the river and also enjoyed some hot wine in the market.

prague10 prague4 prague2 prague8 prague11 prague5 prague7 prague prague9

Can you believe this view??

DSC_0550 pragu12e prague3

Like I said, charming!
I really loved it and I can't wait to go back and explore some more.

Next stop was Budapest. We've been here before during the Summer, but now we got to experience the Christmas mood from downtown, which was extremely lovely and also, busy. Filled with people, tourists, gingerbread and many, many lovely souvenirs and Christmassy stuff. Too bad we stayed there far too little, I really needed more time to feel the holiday vibe in Budapest.

DSC_0631 budapest6
budapest5 budapest3 budapest2

And now we are back home, preparing for Christmas (at least I am) - this trip really got me in the mood to make awesome gifts and even though it was tiresome, I somehow feel energized and in a very good mood! It's amazing what happens when you leave your normal routine and explore new activities or places.

I hope you loved these pictures, if you want to see more you can keep up with my Instagram account (@lola.wonder) and I'll keep on posting bits and pieces of this holiday that did not make it to this post.

Now tell me, are you ready for the Winter holidays?


  1. Looks like a great trip!



  2. Loving everything about this post. From the outfit to the location and photos, everything is just perfection!

    ISA Professional

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  4. Beautiful places!!!!

  5. Wow, all the ornaments are SO stunning and beautiful!!


  6. Sounds and looks like an amazing trip! Love your photos.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  7. What a fabulous trip to have taken of Europe's Christmas Markets! I've visited a few lately including Cologne, Bath and Bruges, though I'm still super keen to explore many more. Thanks so much for the future travel inspiration - your photos are beautiful, as are you!! :)

  8. I visited Budapest over the summer but Prague is next on my list! I would love to visit them in the winter next time - beautiful photos! x

    Martha Jane |

  9. Such beautiful pictures, dear :). I hope you had a great time in Vienna :). I would love to visit the Christmas Markets in Prague and Budapest. The cities are so beautiful!

    XX Sara from The Cosmopolitas


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