September 7, 2010

Although most of you talk about fall, I remembered taking these outfit photos awhile back, but never got the proper chance to post them. So, in summer's remembrance here it is. Oh, and that bag is one of my priceless treasures. On another note, I can't believe college will start soon... Soon I'll be packing and move back to Bucharest, it's so annoying. In the meantime, re-watching Harry Potter movies and studying for a failed exam.

Wearing: Zara dress, Deichmann shoes, vintage bag, Meli Melo sunglasses.


Clara said...

lovely look!!

nookie said...

good luck dear!
lovee your "treasure";;)

kirstyb said...

looove this look xx

Abi said...

Cute outfit, lady! Love the bag and touch of red with the bracelets and sunnies.

Elena Vasilieva said...

hi there!

you've got a great blog going on. loved your style.
and to answer your earlier question, yes, all of the work I do myself. Really need to get some help though, coz it's becoming almost unbearable no matter how much I enjoy it.



Olya said...

good luck!
and those are some awsome bracelets!!!
XOXO, Olya

My Republic of Fashion said...

great outfit. love your dress. :)SarahD

Faboulista said...

is this your first year of college? good luck. btw what are u going to study? maybe if u are in bucharest next summer we will meet up when i come visit.

Alice in vintageland said...

I'm in love! Love your style, you're so beautiful!