September 10, 2010

Fall is here.

A few days ago I dyed my hair! I've had red hair for a year now, but everytime I refresh the color I get so excited like a child that just received tons of candy and toys. I don't seem to get bored of it, which is surprising, because in the matter of hair color, I've changed it quite a lot. And why is it that when I stepped out of the salon the sun started to brighten the sky?.. haha, now I'm getting to cocky. But I feel so shiny!
Tomorrow I'll be leaving for Bucharest to take that exam. Hopefully the weather will be ok, meaning no rain or wind.
Have a good weekend!
Wearing: Vintage sweater (from my mom's wardrobe), vintage belt, Koton pants, Converse shoes and vintage purse.


  1. The sun was shining just for you that day

  2. You look amazing... great hair and lovely outfit!

  3. You look so gorgeous! I just love that fiery red hair, and that bag is such a great find!
    I feel the same way when I get my hair freshly done.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    I've been fortunate. Toronto is a lovely place to be! It's a melting pot of different cultures, and I never run out of activities and events. Definitely worth at least a visit.

  4. I'm loving your blog's header!
    and your hair colour! It's crazy! I LOVE IT!

    Great sweater, btw!


  5. your red hair is so gorgeous. and i love your bag as well. so cute!

  6. wow I'm so glad I just randomly stumbled on your blog! I love your style and your shock of red hair!

  7. I so love your red hair!!!
    hope you did great at that exam:)

  8. You are so cute in these ones! And I know exactly how you feel, I get just as excited when I redo my redhair too!

    How did your exam go?



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