September 23, 2010

A bit of cold..

I lack any outfit posts at the moment since I am not in a mood to wear anything I find interesting. I am sure most of you may know about, it's my favorite street wear site which I discovered awhile back in a magazine. I became addicted. I go here frequently when I need inspiration and most of the times I find it. Right now I am longing for this baggy look, but also stylish. I like large, fluffy sweaters if they are properly worn. I also like stockings with sandals, although I never seem to have the perfect sandals to do this look. I am a mix of styles, one day you see me glamorous in heels, the other casual with ripped Converse and baggy clothes.  Right now I am searching my closet to find something similar to these looks.  Later I will go for a bit of shopping, but not clothes unfortunately (not yet).
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. i know how you feel - sometimes i really cant be bothered to do outfit posts. i really like the first look you posted, it looks so cosy, i love the baggy jumper look too x

  2. Oh these are great cozy looks! And don't worry I feel like you most of the time. lol


  3. Love that 1st outfit. The scarf and jumper look so cozy. :)SarahD

  4. it's one of my fav too!
    about Cocor...
    trebuia sa se deschida de ieri, au devansat pe 30 septembrie si o sa deschida pe 2 octombrie acum...dar dupa cum arata acum nu cred ca o sa deschida nici pe 2..

  5. Indeed Hel-looks is amazing! And yes, you have to see the new Pixie Shoes shop, and let me know what you think :) Looking forward to Cocor as well :):):)


  6. Aloha from the other side of the world. I'd love to see you in one of those outfits. If not possible, then I'd love to just see you ^^

  7. Amazing inspiration!

  8. the first picture has one of the finest knit jumpers ive seen x

  9. great picks ;)

  10. great pics! well, doing outfit posts is not easy sometimes!
    i just bumped into your blog! love it! keep going like this! :D


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