September 18, 2010

Fall's favorites

The weather is so gloomy outside, it won't stop raining, because of that I couldn't take any photos, so I would like to indulge you - and myself, with these. These are a few of my favorite designers this season, and I gathered photos, creating my perfect fall outfits. As you can see, I am crazy about color and mixing textures. I just love the way wool or cashmere looks with soft sheer garments like long dresses or skirts. I will definitely try this look, can't wait ! Let's begin with ADAM:

..continue with D&G; just look at those prints! Both Christmas-y and Summer-y.

next Jean Paul Gaultier:

And Kenzo...

Ralph Lauren...

And Rodarte; the Mulleavy sisters are two of my favorite designers of all time. With every collection they just daze me!

Let's not forget Alexander McQueen's last collection, that could be categorized in Haute Couture. It's divine!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for following us.

    Great selection!


  2. definitely loving earthy colours and maxi skirts ;)
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  3. Oh such good inspiration these are! Definitely my favourites too :)


  4. omg kenzo yes! i was dying over this collection aftet i bought my vogue collection book for this season. the first night i stared at it for hours. love it!

  5. loving the deep reds at ADAM! I definitely would like to wear more of this colour this autumn!! xxx

  6. D&G isn't normally my favourite... but i love the outfits you've posted from their collection. really gorgeous. xx

  7. I loove all of this beautiful layering! <3

  8. Hola! Thank you very much for stopping by, for leaving your sweet comments, and following! I'll admit that reading your comments brought a smile to my face. :) And yes I did make my cape all from scratch. I took a pattern making class last spring which helped and I used a book to teach myself how to make the cape pattern. And really a blazer? Nice! I'd love to try that one day. Wish you much luck with fashion design! By the way this was a great post, I really enjoyed it. You have a pretty awesome blog! I will definitely come back and visit. Have a nice day! :D


  9. I love the Adam collection but all the looks are seriously beautiful!

    Hope you can stop by THE FASHION SMOKE

    Phiephie x

  10. stunning collections :) maxi skirts are the best!


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