November 4, 2010

Vlada in Marie Claire

The minute I found this editorial of Vlada Roslyakova in Marie Claire's October issue I felt hypnotized by her glance! These photos have something freak-ish and a feeling of dark  romance which give me the chills and I love that! The photo of her and that little doll is creeping me, and it's also so stunning!

P.S I have almost finished my college project! I will post soon some photos.


  1. Beautiful girl. Nice pictures.

    Hope you visit my blog.Follow if you wish and I will return the favor.

  2. i love how they're so manequin-ly!
    absolutely love the 2nd pic, the dress/skirtfeatherly ness :)

  3. wow! this editorial is gorgeous!!

  4. gorgeous editorial.xx

  5. So dark and beautiful...i love the contrast between her white skin, blonde hair and all that darkness, including those gorgeous clothes!


    P.S. Following you(nu stiu de ce n-am facut-o inca, probabil de ametita ce sunt:>), urmeaza sa te adaug si-n lista de bloguri imediat:)

    double kisses :D


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