April 10, 2011

Absolutely Fabulous Part I

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Today I went once again at the Absolutely Fabulous Fair, a very stylish event, where you meet lots of bloggers, street style photographers, young designers and vintage clothes! I had the chance to show off my new self-made skirt which you can see below.

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And I finally got to meet Eve, Laura and Sandra! They are such lovely girls, I felt I knew them since forever.

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I am wearing here a beautiful and cute headband and Audrey Hepburn necklace made by Alice, as you can see below:

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Incredible bag, belonging to a very stylish girl!

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Hope you enjoyed! There are more to come, stay tuned.

Wearing: self-made skirt, vintage jacket, no name top, India scarf, necklace from Alice and Accessorize and Stradivarius shoes.


  1. You look amazing! Love the skirt!

  2. Wow, the pictures came out fabulous. I am so glad we met today and you are right, it did feel as if we knew each other for ages. I hope we will meet again soon at other events and fairs.
    About your outfit, I've told you at least a dozen times today how much I love your see through maxi skirt and jacket.

  3. omg, these pics are so pretty and you are so pretty!♥
    not mentioning your outfit which is amazing :)

  4. you are so stylish!!!am fost si eu,dar am uitat acasa aparatul foto.pupici

  5. wow what a creative outfit you have on! i love it!
    and looks like a fun time was had overall. :)

  6. u have no idea how badly i want to go to these fairs and hang out with all u fashionable girls. i'm happy to see we share our passion for alice's headbands. i also have a bird headband. but i see she has some new ones so it might be time for me to get a second one too. hopefully there will be another fair in the summer so i can go too.

  7. You are so talented, that dress is gorgeous. Sounds like such a fun even and it looks like there was tons of amazing vintage. I hope you picked up some great goodies!

  8. The colours of these photos are amazing!

    x K

  9. Wow, ce trio de roscate:D Vad rosu in fata ochilor:)) Iar fusta ta e un deliciu:X

  10. Wonderful photos, wonderful all of you. I love the bird in your hair. You look like a true fairy, my dear Oly.

  11. the pics are so lovely!

  12. great job on the skirt! you look absolutely perfect! love your blog, new follower :)

  13. Damn.


    I saw your header and I thought: OMYGOD YOU'VE GOT AN AMAZING HEADER I love it!

    I saw the pictures in this post and I thought: wow these pictures look like FUN! And this girl has got a pretty amazing style!

    So. You can say I'm in love with your blog. And I'm already following so many blogs... Anyways, you've got a new follower.




  14. Vaaaaaai, pantofii aceea colorati sunt absolut-mega-tari! Si ce scumpe sunteti toate, mi-ar placea si mie sa vin la eventuri de genuri..Dar bine macar ca aveti totul in poze :)

  15. that skirt is soo beautiful!! you look amazing! :)


  16. I like you outfit! These colorful photos are amazing!


  17. LOVE the skirt, and all the accessories. amazing! beautiful girls you met up with too! <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com DEF following you now.

  18. These photos are epic, you're gorgeous, The light, your hair, all of your outfits! Love, love, love. My blue bird headband has never looked so good!:)

  19. Cate roscate acolo! :) Fusta este foarte frumoasa si imi palce foarte mult si bentita


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