April 22, 2011

What a wonderful world..

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Ok, maybe it's not such a wodnerful world but I felt really optimistic that day due to the sun and the very nice warm weather! These photos were taken two days ago - I took my very first self made skirt out in the sunshine, I have arrived this morning in my hometown for the Holidays, and I am going to spent some time with my family and loved ones, enjoying the incredibly warm weather here too!

Wearing: self-made skirt, Stradivarius blazer, vintage shoes, belt and brooches, Mondex tights, Meli Melo bag and sunglasses, my mom's top.


  1. what a wonderful girl in such a wonderful world!
    I love this outfit...and those cute accessories...:X


  2. Inainte sa citesc textul si sa vad ca fusta e facuta de tine, puteam sa jur ca e luata de la Topshop! Vazusem un model foarte similar de curand si chiar ma tenta sa-l iau:P Anyway, i think yours looks even better!

    Enjoy your time home:*

  3. Cute skirt and flats! And all the accessories and details :). I really like that ring.

    Sunny days make me feel warm and fuzzy, too.
    Happy Holidays!


  4. Uuu, somebody is going totally RED!! From head to toe...:)
    Happy Easter!

  5. Beautiful brooches! The skirt it's very cute! Happy Holidays! Kisses

  6. I love your skirt, well the whole outfit, Oly.
    Enjoy the break with you family and the sun.

  7. That skirt is lovely, great fabrci choice! I love how you styled it with the red and yellow accessories and navy blazer :D
    M xo

  8. Beautiful outfit!
    Enjoy your weekend!!

  9. The red tights are amazing, they really match your hair color. Another great skirt made by you, you should really start selling these clothes. You would make a fortune !
    Love the elephant brooch, but all of your brooches are adorable.
    Have a great weekend Oliviana, hugs ^ _ ^

  10. Such a damn cute outfit! You are very inspiring !!!

  11. love the outfit and photos. It''s so cute. The bag is so nice

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  12. waaah so much colour, I just love it! x

  13. Multumim pentru aprecieri:) Pozele tale sunt la fel de frumoase, iar modul in are te joci cu culorile foarte ingenios
    P.s Parul tau este super:x


  14. WOW ! I'm first time here but I have to say that You look so amazing !!! All yours outfits are so characteristic & stunning !!! This one is just perfect for You & your red color hairs

  15. I just recently discovered your blog and have been in love with it madly ever since. I love you style, your haircolor and just the way you can pull things off. I'm so impressed! :)

    Oh, and this skirt is amazing!! :))

    Alicia im Wunderland

  16. I love the skirt , has such and edge with the red tights and sun glasses , loving red this summer !

  17. Hi! You have a beautiful and interesting blog!
    I invite to my blog:)) Follow me!

  18. i love the attention you pay for small details in putting an outfit together .


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