May 24, 2011

Fragile or Bold?

tatler may 2011 5

tatler may 2011 2

tatler may 2011 3

tatler may 2011 4

view of the times3

view of the times2

view of the times4

view of the times

How often I find myself chosing between floral feminine, romantic outfits and crazy colored, lusting looks? Too many times. The fact is that I cannot really chose! I am so in love with both extremities, that I always embrace them with the same pleasure. And it's not because of this season's trend of color blocking that I feel so desiring for colors, I have always been like that, but these last four photos are INSANE! I want to make photos like these too! And yet I always feel at peace and somehow nostalgic when seeing those beautiful interiors and gowns.. makes me imagine of old fashion eras. You should see the huge folder I have with similar photos.

Which one is your favorite?

Source:, Tatler Magazine and View of the Times.


  1. A patra poza e poezie! Love, love, love!

  2. I never lose the chance to go for floral feminine, romantic outfits.I love the color blocking trend but I'm not a big fan though.Anyways...those last 4 photos are in dementia :)

  3. totally feeling you here :) am the same and next to romantic, color blocking I would ad the classy style with a vintage twist, preferably 50s, animal prints, the boho 70s look...oh and the list could go on and on and on...but that's just the beauty of fashion, playing around with textures, colors and we really have to chose a particular style? I would happilly say we do not have to :)

  4. Both!! :P


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  5. Colors definitely rule my life! Amazing photos, I am drooling here.

  6. All these photos are so gorgeous!! The fashions are to die for.

  7. I like all of them. But I guess now I am in a "colour"mood, so I would go for the pictures in the second category.

  8. these photos are breathtaking, especially the first ones! and know what you mean!

  9. wow! these editorials are absolutely stunning! i love the first set :)

  10. Excelent editorials! I so love both of them, they are simply gorgeous!

  11. All of the outfits are so gorgeous! But I think in this instance I cannot resist the fragile looks! The very first dress is so amazing! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  12. Love the editorial styling! Especially the colorization of the first shoot.


  13. Great post!New follower,I loved that also followed.

  14. Da, sunt foarte greu de gasit. Eu le-am colectionat in timp, "furate" de pe unde apuc:)) Bloguri, tumblr, arhive vechi ale revistelor(alea cu harper de acolo le am), google...orice. Cum vad ceva de genul asta cum dau save as:D As fi in al 9lea cer daca as reusi sa gasesc si reviste din hartie hartie, sa simt mirosul ala vechi...mmmm, ce imaginatie bogata:))

    De aici cel mai mult imi place editorialul colorat:D

  15. Such a perfect representation of what's going on this season with bold and feminine pieces! I love both trends but probably go for more feminine items :)


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