October 11, 2011

Paris Spring 2012 Favorites

Fashion week has ended and now we can make very future plans on our next years Spring's wardrobe (I know I am) but for now we must pass through winter.
It seems Paris Fashion Week is the most romantic of all; I have been enchanted by transparencies, light fabrics, soft neutral colors and the elegance of most collections.
This season Chloe surprised me in a very good way, considering the fact that for many years I have been reluctantly gazed upon it's collections, but this time it's so much different. The color spoke to me, the details are playful and the silhouettes are much more fun and in my taste!
It gave me a lot of inspiration too.


Moving on to the magical world of Louis Vuitton.. Marc Jacobs did a amazing job this season, you could easily tell this is a Spring collection, by the flower embroideries, the see-through dresses and the light colors. The details have yet seized to amaze me


What the two brilliant designers did for Valentino after his retirement is astonishing! The much more flirty silhouettes dazzle me every season, you see that the collections are addressed to both young and older women, so versatile and just simply beautiful!


Ever since the departure of John Galliano, seems that the drama is also gone. Bill Gaytten has created a softer collection, going back to the roots of what Christian Dior created long ago. I love the playful transparencies and lace but it appears that it's missing a story and to be frankly, I really miss the exuberance Galliano dazzled us with every season...


What are your thoughts?


  1. Creatiile Louis Vuitton nu mi-au placut absolut deloc. Am impresia ca se pricep doar la genti..In schimb Elie Saab si Chloe au unele tinute fantastice :X

  2. I thought Chloe was beautiful, so wearable, I want everything! I thought the details at LV and at Valentino made the show.. Seeing the full looks excited me a lot less than the close ups of the details. And as for Dior, I agree with what you said + I do believe this is exactly where Dior should be until another creative force comes and gives up something to be excited about! xx

  3. Gorgeous collections! I adore the Chloe one and Valentino..brilliant!

  4. In general nu-mi place Vuitton si am fost surprinsa sa vad ca aceasta colectie chiar ma incanta. Si Valentino imi place iar Dior...cam dezamagitor zic eu:)


  5. All these collections are so pretty, my favorite is Louis Vuitton!


  6. superbe !mie imi plac ! sunt tendinte ...

  7. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, me likey!!!

  8. Gorgeous collections! I adore the Valentino one the most.. perfection! :D

  9. Great selection,I love them too. Great post!! I invite you to visit my blog too,if you like it we can follow each other.Kisses from www.stylepicture.blogspot.com

  10. i absolutely loved all these collections!!! so gorgeous and beautiful! :)



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