July 14, 2012

That perfect minty top






 How much I adored the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 collection, I think I have devoured every piece and every editorial which contained these clothes. The details are stunning! So imagine my excitement when I discovered this top at H&M screaming at me " I'M YOURS!!" There was also this cute dress in the same collection but it didn't fit me well, so I opted for this top instead but nonetheless, I am happy with it! The embroidery resembles so much and the color..minty, my favorite this season, makes it a match made in Heaven!
 In other words, I am back in my hometown - oh there is a lot to tell about my journey, about how I almost broke my arms carrying four huge bags (including my cat), how "exciting" was our almost-suffocating-train-ride, and how we arrived 40 minutes late! But now, I am pleased the temperature is not as crazy hot as it is in Bucharest, and I can't wait now to take a visit in all the old (and new) thrift stores around here!




Wearing: H&M top and turquoise rose ring, Atmosphere shorts, Zara sandals, thrifted bag, Meli Melo ring, Sixx earrings.


Laura Hooper said...

Wow the top is beautiful! I will try and find it when I go shopping tomorrow! :-) x


Andreea said...

Awwwwwww, cat de cute e topul! <3 Am zis ca-i River Island prima data...vazusem niste chestii foaaaarte asemanatoare la ei :-?

Manuella said...

yees...gorgeous blouse! ♥

Irina said...

It looks simply amazing! I so love the resemblance, indeed simply gorgeous;)

Theblackshortdress said...


Andreea♥ said...

Gorgeous top! I love the color of your nail polish.

Kiki Janku said...

I love that top and shorts, I wouldn't wear them together but makes a cute combo actually! Great collection :D
Hope to hear from you!

Hope you're having a great evening!

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xoxo Kiki

Juju said...

I love your top!
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ZADIN said...

Topul brodat îmi place şi mie foarte mult. Dar şi cerceii sunt deosebiţi.

Susţin în continuare... ai un chip de păpuşă. xoxo


Alina said...

Perfect indeed!Love it!

Anaivilo said...

Thank you darlings!!:D

Dorina said...

E super cute tinuta :)
Am si eu doua intrebari : Ce nuanta e oja si de la ce firma?
Si inelul ti l-ai luat de mult sau acum? :)
Am fost azi la Meli Melo si aveau reduceri, mi-am luat cateva chestii, dar inelul acesta cu trandafiras nu l-am vazut :)

Nadine said...

Beautiful stuff! I adore the rings and the shorts are so adorable :D

Eva Luna said...

Cat de super arata top-ul <3
si imi place de mor inelusul in forma de trandafir~


modniza said...

foarte frumoasa bluzita si imi place mult cum ai accesorizat-o.pupp

Oteea said...

I agree with everything mentioned above :) the top and its mint color are beyond beautiful, and you do look like a living doll...

There's something so familiar, that strikes me whenever I see your hometown pictures; I have a vague impression it's my hometown too :D Is it up in the north ?

Hugs ♥


Mădălina Simona Merca said...

Si mie imi place al tau top la nebunie! Sa il porti sanatoasa, te avantajeaza culoarea, mai ales!
kiss kiss,
The Indie Chase Blog

Emanuel I. said...

Aha...ti l-ai achizitionat... Arati de vis!
Degeaba, MJ e un geniu!