December 30, 2012

A hint of color


 These were taken yesterday as I was shopping for the New Year's Eve party - which will last for three days. I'll be leaving for a few days just like last year, somewhere isolated and hopefully there will be fun days ahead. 
I am wearing here a skirt my mother used to own (note the use of the past tense) It is perfect for something simple in my opinion and for this cold season. 
So tell me...what are your plans for New Year's?

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 Happy New Year dear ones! 

Hope to see you all again here! 

 Wearing: mom's skirt, thrifted sweater, random brand boots, hand made scarf.


December 28, 2012

The Fantasy Blazer

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 I told you about how I found a blazer a few weeks ago in a thrift store.. well, after some altering, here it is, and I still need to work a bit on it. I was so amazed when I saw that embroidery..or..whatever it is; the golden threads drawn on a perfect black's like something from my Fashion Dreamland! 
And the reason I dressed up so lightly, is because it got warmer - which honestly was very surprising. 
I am already late for my haircut appointment! 
See you soon! 

 Wearing: thrifted blazer, Kara leather shorts, Leonardo boots, H&M bracelets and green ring.


December 26, 2012

Late Christmas Outfit


 I wanted to post these photos earlier but I had to run to a family Christmas meeting, some of you may know how these things are. 
Christmas has almost passed, but I still wanted to create a fantasy outfit for this occasion, now my fantasy came to life after I rediscovered this skirt I made a looong time ago. I know it looks kind of funny but's still puffy and flirty, and I am very pleased with these photos. 
I hope you all had a magical Christmas filled with joy together with your loved ones! Can't believe 2013 is around the corner..

  funda4funda3 funda10 funda6 funda8 funda9 funda2 funda5 funda1 funda7

Wearing: self made skirt, Pimkie sweater, Deichmann boots, vintage bag, H&M earrings.


December 24, 2012

Christmas Spirit


It's Christmas Eve people! As if you  haven't already knew that..duh.
I am quite excited even though I am not sure how I will spend this day, except for wrapping up gifts and spending some cozy time surrounded by loved ones...I'm pretty sure that will be enough though.
These photos were taken yesterday, where again the frost reached my bones and even my hair was frozen! But then there is that moment when you step into the nearest caffe and you sip of a tea or a hot chocolate and you instantly warm up - especially if you are with a friend - that is the most pleasant feeling during Winter.
I changed a bit my blog's header as you can see..If I am in the Christmas spirit, then let it consume everything around me!
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Wearing: random brand sweater, vintage skirt, Deichmann boots, Hippie Shake leg warmers, Stradivarius scarf, Terranova hat

December 22, 2012

Deadly White


 The title post suggests a freezing cold, a frost, a Siberian-type of Winter if you like. I arrived Thursday in my hometown and since then I have been doing a little shopping - hence the new boots in my feet - and I forgot about outfit shots. Actually it's so cold here that there was zero mood for dressing up pretty and playing with the camera; here, I made a huge effort stepping out of my comfort zone. Still, that skirt looks rather cute in this scenery.
 I hope the weather will warm up a bit, but knowing my regional coordinates, that will not be possible until ...March. At least I'll have a Christmas filled with snow, just like my childhood used to be, yey!
Speaking of which, tomorrow I'll start decorating the house, oh I can't wait! 
Now boys and girls, tell me..have you been good this year for Santa?

  snowsnow5 snow8 snow3 snow2 snow1 snow4 

 Wearing: skirt made by grandmother, thrifted sweater and bag, Terranova hat, Stradivarius scarf, Sergio Todzi boots, Meli Melo gloves, vintage belt, random brand coat.


December 21, 2012

Introducing Coco Fashion


 Have you heard of Coco Fashion? If not, let me introduce you! They are a on-line store based in Asia, selling Korean (not only!) clothing and accessories ALL AROUND the World! I selected a few of their products to show you how great they look. I find the coats super cute and the evening dresses quite gorgeous, flirty and young! They have so many bags in so many colors you can choose from and the best part is..their price is ridiculously low! On EVERYTHING!
 Go take a look on their WEBSITE and I am sure there will be a lot of products that'll wink at you!

Happy shopping! coco3 coco5 coco4 coco6 coco