February 5, 2013

Atelier Exhibition + Giveaway winner!


 I begun my day with a nice cup of coffee and a chocolate croissant ( yes, my obsession is still on) knowing that I will be late for Uni, but I had to enjoy my meal; breakfast is important! I arrived there and we begun to sort out photos and moodboards for our mini atelier exhibition, the way we artsy students do it at the end of each semester. It took us some hours and some injuries (one colleague got herself hammered on the hand, my own feet were devastated by my one-size-to-small shoes! - and they were not even heeled) but at the end we finished it.
I remember last year, it took us until 2 A.M to finish, it was ridiculous, so this time was quite a piece of cake.
Well, here are some photos with our work to brag on and....we really do hope you like it! 
  gal9gal2 gal3 gal11 gal6 gal10 gal5 gal4 gal8 

 Aaaaand... let's not forget about the Ms Dressy Giveaway!
The happy winner is Eva Luna! Congrats dear, you will be contacted soon by the MsDressy team. 

 Now I have to run, my last is exam is tomorrow and I have to study study study!! Afterwards it's party party party!! ;-)



  1. Ce lucrari superbe!
    Mi-e dor de atelierele UAD...

  2. The happy winner is indeed happy! :))
    Thanks again! :*
    And i agree, everything does looks great <3 I really can't decide which one i like best.

  3. Everything looks gorgeous!! I love the photos and the pieces...brilliant!! :D

  4. These are indeed super designs!! I looove the spikey one :D


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