February 6, 2013

New Wonders

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 I am so proud of my new acquisitions! But let me tell you about those blazers.. After I finished my last exam, I went for a coffee with my colleagues and after we each went home in our direction and in my way I saw this quite huge sign on a clothing store that was a second hand which said: "1+1 FREE!!!" Just like that. So I barged in, I saw that olive wool coat (which is big, but with some alterations it will look great) in a splendid shape and then I saw that burgundy velvet blazer which fits me PERFECTLY!! 
I rushed to the register and I payed something like 4 Euros for one of them and the other was FREE! I was so proud, I exit the shop with a huge smile on my face as if I won the lottery. 
And the shoes... those adorable shoe in a marine green color, I have no idea how to categorize it, they came a few days ago from MiniPrix.ro, but they are actually from the brand FullahSugah - which of course it isn't physically commercialized here. And just look how amazing they are with that blazer!
 I can't wait for a Spring to wear them! 
 Tonight I am gonna party with the girls from Uni and in a few days my hometown and my mother awaits me! Wohoo!



  1. <3 lovely Visit RACHAEL'S Blog

    Have you entered my GIVEAWAY - Giant Vintage Sunglasses

  2. Enjoy them! Love the shoes!

    Kisses, Dia.


  3. Omg your heels are just amazing!! O.O

  4. Pantofii sunt asa frumosi!!! Felicitari pt terminarea sesiunii!

  5. Wow ce de achizitii frumoase!! Imi place mult sacoul burgundy <3 sa le porti cu drag!! Pupici

  6. Love the velvet blazer!


  7. I still love this outfit! You are a inspiration..great layering! :D


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