May 25, 2013

Avanpremiere Gala no 12

I was invited a couple of days ago at the Avanpremiere Gala, the one and only time Romanian fashion designers gather and present their newest collections. This time there were a lot more and I couldn't snap some proper photos but here are some official photos of the pieces I liked most, even though there wasn't a single collection that I entirely seemed to me that some designer got caught in a certain routine - like these first photos, either that or they went a little too far for the sake of "making a statement".
See for yourseles and tell me which one you loved most.

The first collection is from Iris Serban: 

The lovely Anca & Silvia Negulescu, love the leather gowns!

Delicate craftwork and pretty pastels at Florina Ivascu:

Interesting designs at Rhea Costa:

Alex Tunsu - a promising debut!

Not sure about the concept but I loved certain cuts at Fe[Male] especially that dress that reminds me of a jellyfish:

Probably the most appealing collection to me, Simona Semen but what I think highlights the clothing are those harnesses by Alexandra Abraham.

And finally, Natalia Vasiliev who normally excites us with her royal-like designs but I think this time the grandeur was all over the place. Too many pieces that didn't match each other, but I love the necklace bellow and the floral printed dress with the pink straps.

And of course the must-have photo with the splendid girls from Bucharest Style and The Hearabouts.
Lovely seeing them again!

I was wearing TinaR dress with a vintage belt and random brand shoes.


  1. I love the sleek, fitted leather dresses.

    Amen Fashion †

  2. Love all the beautiful black gowns! You look like you've come straight from Mad Men! Love your look!



  3. Fantastic collctions! The First one quite interesting;)

  4. I loved the last collection, so royal!:D


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