December 30, 2013

To be elegant in forests..


I know, it's completely natural to look elegant or chic when walking in forests (at least I had some pavement!). Theese woods are at the edge of our town and it's not like they are deserted, cars run by often and people walk around there all the time. So this time, as a person who loves contrasts as you know, I though to be a good idea to take some photos in a different location than the city. And I love the eerie feeling I get when I look at the grey background, if there were at least a bit of snow, then it would have been like a fairyland...Or "fairyforest"? That would do too.
One more day until the year will end like a whisper and another one will come, and we grow older (and hopefully wiser) and... I'm not going to go the "depressed pathline" now, so I will stop. 
How was your year? Mine was mostly relaxed with some fun moments here and there, with some hard decisions I had to make - but all for the best! There were some fun projects for this blog as well, and oh yes, this year I got a job! Woohoo!
  I am not going to tell you how I would like to be in 2014, because most of the time I never stick to that plan, I forget and prefer to do other things than improve myself; but you lovely people, should not do as I do (said the wise owl..)

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I suppose I will see you in the new year, so I wish you now a Happy New Year and start having fun from today on!

Wearing: Dorothy Perkins sweater, vintage skirt and belt, Leonardo shoes, thrifted bag, gifted earrings, Meli Melo old headband

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